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KastKing Valiant Eagle Spinning Reel

KastKing Valiant Eagle Spinning Reel, 6.2:1 High Speed Gear Ratio, 10+1 High Performance BB, Carbon Fiber Frame and Rotor, Braid Ready Aluminum Spool, 22 Lb Smooth Carbon Disc Drag
Ball Bearings
Gear Ratio
Drag Power(LB)
SKU Ball Bearings Gear Ratio Drag Power(LB) Weight(oz) Line Capacity (LB/YDs) Line Capacity (mm/m) Inch Per Turn Price
KKSP-VE-4000SI 10+1 6.2 22 9.8 6/420 8/285 10/240 0.35/165 0.30/225 0.25/320 38 $65.98
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KKSP-VE-3000SI 10+1 6.2 22 9.6 6/310 8/210 10/180 0.35/130 0.30/175 0.25/250 35.5 $63.98
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KKSP-VE-2000SI 10+1 6.2 17.6 8.4 4/280 6/220 8/150 0.25/160 0.23/190 0.20/250 33.2 $61.98
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KKSP-VE-1000SI 10+1 6.2 17.6 8.3 4/215 6/170 8/115 0.25/130 0.23/155 0.20/200 31.4 $59.98
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  • Valiant Eagle -- The Bald Eagle symbolizes American freedom and strength. KastKing’s dynamic new Valiant Eagle Spinning Reel reflects that symbol with quality, innovation, prestige, and affordability. Our introduction of this feature-loaded reel will please anglers from coast to coast whether fishing saltwater or freshwater. We encourage you to enjoy your fishing experiences and outdoor life style, protect our environment, and pass on the sport of fishing to generations to come.
  • Valiant Eagle Performance – KastKing designed this reel for you with the best performance features to ensure the Valiant Eagle delivers quality and performance in a fishing reel that honors our country’s symbol and the American Spirit: carbon fiber frame & rotor, aluminum handle, blazing fast 6.2:1 gear ratio, braid-ready aluminum spool, 10+1 shielded stainless-steel ball bearings, and a sealed carbon disc drag to deliver consistently long, accurate casts and the power to handle hard fighting f
  • Valiant Eagle Technology - KastKing’s world class fishing tackle engineering team is dedicated to provide you with innovative technology at affordable prices. For the first time, we’ve utilized the Yankee Ingenuity of our E.P.S. (Expanded Pinion System) and S.S.R. (Sliding Stabilizer Rod). By stabilizing the pinion gear and main gear in the KastKing Valiant Eagle it increased the gear strength and durability. KastKing offers you even more performance and consistent operation with those feature
  • Valiant Eagle Tough Yet Smooth – The carbon disc drag system is in a completely sealed spool so the drag washers stay dry to avoid uneven drag operation. They provide 22 lbs of smooth drag power. This super smooth drag is powerful enough to handle large fish, but starts smoothly to protect light leaders. To ensure consistent performance in freshwater and saltwater conditions, KastKing Valiant Eagle has a total of 10+1 shielded stainless steel ball bearings for smooth retrieves and long casts.
  • Valiant Eagle Components - The braid-ready aluminum spool eliminates monofilament line backing and features KastKing’s Patent Pending line management system for improved casting distance and accuracy. The lightweight aluminum handle provides power for landing big fish under tough conditions. The sure-grip, rubber T-Shaped handle knob is comfortable and gives the angler the extra leverage that is required for complete control while fighting and landing fish in all weather conditions.

Product description

A symbol of American freedom and strength, the Bald Eagle stands tall in the hearts of American anglers. The New KastKing Valiant Eagle spinning reel Bald Eagle Edition is made to honor that symbol of American pride and to deliver incredible performance, quality and pride to anglers everywhere. Our combination of long fiber carbon material in the frame for strength and durability and short fiber carbon in the rotor for weight reduction is an engineering best. The combination of these two materials creates a reel that is Eagle strong and will soar above the competition.

The braid line ready aluminum spool features a sealed carbon drag system that is waterproof and keeps the carbon drag washers dry to deliver consistent, smooth and powerful drag pressure to handle strong fish.

Product Details
Valiant Eagle 1000 | Weight 8.3oz /235g | Max Drag 17.6 LB/8KG | Gear Ratio 6.2:1 | IPT(inch per turn): 31.4 | CPT(cm per turn): 80
| Line Capacity (LB/Yds):4/215, 6/170, 8/115 | Line Capacity (mm/m): 0.25/130, 0.23/155, 0.20/200

Valiant Eagle 2000 | Weight 8.4oz /239.4g | Max Drag 17.6 LB/8KG | Gear Ratio 6.2:1 | IPT(inch per turn): 33.2 | CPT(cm per turn): 84
| Line Capacity (LB/Yds):4/280, 6/220, 8/150 | Line Capacity (mm/m): 0.25/160, 0.23/190, 0.20/250

Valiant Eagle 3000 | Weight 9.6oz /271.4g | Max Drag 22 LB/10KG | Gear Ratio 6.2:1 | IPT(inch per turn): 35.5 | CPT(cm per turn): 90
| Line Capacity (LB/Yds):6/310, 8/210, 10/180 | Line Capacity (mm/m): 0.35/130, 0.30/175, 0.25/250

Valiant Eagle 4000 | Weight 9.8oz /277g | Max Drag 22 LB/10KG | Gear Ratio 6.2:1 | IPT(inch per turn): 38.0 | CPT(cm per turn): 96
| Line Capacity (LB/Yds):6/420, 8/285, 10/240 | Line Capacity (mm/m): 0.35/165, 0.30/225, 0.25/320

Average rating
5 (based on 2 reviews)
Light and fast reel!
Very light and fast spinning reel! Perfect combo for the Ultra Light Calamus rod. The lightness from the carbon fiber material on this reel will reduce fatigue and allow me to fish longer sessions!
Lighter weight Sharkey
Took this reel out for the first time today, and as expected it worked flawlessly. Smooth, drag worked well, casted like it should. Paired it up with my new KastKing Blackhawk II and it makes for a great, lightweight setup to keep in the car or throw in a backpack and ride my bike to a local pond, which is what I did today. I love my Sharkey III, but this being a little lighter makes it great for a portable setup. Only minor “flaw” would be I like the handle on the Sharkey III a little better, but that’s just a personal preference and nothing wrong with the reel. Really happy with this purchase, but I have been with everything I’ve bought from KastKing so it doesn’t come as a surprise.
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