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KastKing Speed Demon Bass Series Fishing Rods

KastKing Speed Demon Bass Series Fishing Rods, Dimensional 16 High Modulus 1 Pcs Blanks, Fuji Guides and Reel Seats, 11 Technique Specific Lengths & Actions-Spinning & Casting
SKU Type Length Techniques Action Power Line Wt(lb) Lure Wt(oz) Guides Weight(oz) Price
KRDSPNSD-72DS1 Spinning 7'2'' Drop Shot Moderate Fast ML 6-10 1/8-3/4 9+1 4.62 $79.98
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KRDSPNSD-610SH1 Spinning 6'10'' Shakey Head Moderate Fast ML 6-12 1/8-3/8 9+1 4.62 $79.98
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KRDCSTSD-8FL1 Casting 8'0'' Flippin' Fast H 15-30 3/8-2 13+1 6.95 $79.98
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KRDCSTSD-7SB1 Casting 7'0'' Spinner Bait Moderate Fast M 10-17 1/4-3/4 12+1 5.36 $79.98
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KRDCSTSD-7CH1 Casting 7'0'' Chatter Bait Fast M 10-20 1/4-3/4 10+1 5.26 $79.98
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KRDCSTSD-7CB1 Casting 7'0'' Crankbait Moderate M 8-17 1/4-3/4 10+1 6.17 $79.98
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KRDCSTSD-76CR1 Casting 7'6'' Carolina Rig Fast MH 10-25 1/4-1 12+1 5.82 $79.98
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  • Dimensional 16 Graphite Blank Technology - Speed Demon rods use our proprietary Dimensional 16 Graphite blanks which deliver incredible hook setting and lifting power while still being exceptionally light and sensitive. The crankbait models are designed with forgiving moderate actions through their own S-Glass blanks and are designed to be the perfect crankin' rod.
  • Fuji Guides and Reel Seats - We've selected perfectly matched Fuji reel seats and guides so that you'll always know that you are using the best and never have to worry about a component failure. Spinning models using Fuji LV style guides with "O" rings, casting models use Fuji LN model guides, also with "O" rings. The handle is made with high quality, 3A cork for comfortable and that traditional look and feel.
  • 11 Technique Specific Action and Lengths - Each technique specific action is designed by experts with years of experience and with the input of tournament anglers who know and require only the very best in their tools. Rod weight, length, action, power and even handle length are purposefully built to ensure you are maximizing the effectiveness of every fishing rod. There are currently 11 models including 2 spinning and 9 casting models all in 1-pc designs.
  • Incredible Performance and Value - We believe that Affordable Innovation means catching more fish and to do that you simply must have the right equipment. By choosing KastKing's Speed Demon bass series, you've made a solid performance choice, but you've also found the best value in the industry. You'll be able to afford to have all the right actions for your favorite techniques without having to sacrifice a few models because of price.
  • Total Peace of Mind Warranty - You'll be proud to have the entire series on your boat knowing that you're using a true performance rod and will have confidence in its durability because of KastKing's Incredible Total Peace of Mind Warranty!

Product Description



KastKing Speed Demon Bass Series Fishing Rods, Dimensional 16 High Modulus 1 Pcs Blanks, Fuji Guides and Reel Seats

Bass fishing is America's most popular targeted species! For many, bass fishing is a source of enjoyment and fun but it is also serious business for many anglers dedicated to their sport. These anglers demand equipment that is up to the challenge of catching more and larger bass which is why we've developed the Speed Demon Bass series of rods. This complete line of technique specific fishing rods with actions designed to help the angler catch more fish consistently ensures that you will always have the right tool for the methods you are using.


KastKing Speed Demon rods start with our proprietary Dimensional 16 blanks that are not only extremely light but provide exceptional hook setting and lifting power while still delivering incredible sensitivity. Each technique specific fishing rod was designed for action, power, overall length, handle length, guide combinations and sensitivity so that when you pick one up, you know you have the perfect tool for the job at hand.


And these rods look as good as they perform! We use traditional 3A cork handles for their beauty, comfort and feel and then combine that with the durability and shock absorption of high density EVA in the foregrip and fighting butt. Every rod uses perfectly matched Fuji guides and reel seats, so you know you're using the best and will never lose a fish because of a component failure. These rods are perfectly balanced so that long tournament days don't become work, they just deliver winning bags time after time.


You'll love the rods and like everything that you find at KastKing, you'll love the exceptional value and low prices which means you can now afford to have the right tool for every technique you use. We're confident that after you try just one, you'll soon be adding the entire line to your arsenal of rods.


  Perigee II Royale Legend Calamus WideEye Speed Demon Pro Krome
   Blank Technology 24 Ton KastFlex IM6 KastFlex IM7 Micro Polish IM9, 640K Strain Rated Elite Carbon & Carbon Nano Tube Resin IM8, Nano Silica Resins & KEVLAR
   Guides Fuji O-Ring Fuji O-Ring V-Mark Titanium Fuji A-ring, Tangle-Free K-Frame Fuji A-Ring Fuji A-ring, Tangle-Free K-Frame
   Action Fast Fast Moderate, MF, Fast Moderate, Fast, Extra Fast Moderate, MF, Fast Variety
   Power Variety Variety Variety Variety Variety Variety
   Reel Steats High-strength High-strength SKSS 2 pc Fuji IPS & TCS Fuji TVS & ACS Fuji TVS & ACS
   Handle High-density EVA High-density EVA High-density EVA AAA Cork Winn Grip Carbon Fiber
   Techniques Multi Purpose Multi-Purpose, Great for Bass Ultra-light, Finesse Power Jig, Slip Rig, Jig & Rig, Trolling Tournament Proven Technique Specific Drift, Float, Hot Shot, Trolling
   Target Species All Species Mainly for Bass & Other Freshwater Trout, Panfish, Crappie, Bass, etc. Walleye Largemouth/Smallmouth Bass Salmon & Steelhead

 WARNING: According to Proposition 65 of California Law this product can expose you to chemicals including lead which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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5 (based on 97 reviews)
Wonderful rods
It’s a wonderful rod and hopefully getting set to buy more very soon
Durable and lightweight
Very good rod would recommend
Fantastic rod for the money
I was actually surprised how this rod handled. For the money really wasn't expecting much but boy was I surprised. My 7 ft. 6" Med. Heavy rod has very nice fast action, sturdy and strong backbone. With right reel you can cast a light lure a country mile. Action is perfect and rod even looks great. I ordered 2 more with different size and actions I was so impressed I ordered 2 more with different lenght and actions. . I would compare this to most all my expensive rods. Fantastic price for a great quality rod.
great rod
came in 2 days ago packaging was great very secure in the tube. took if fishing for about 5-6 hours for the past 2 days caught 10 trout on it so far very nice rod med hev just the right about of give for me and all the eyelets create a beautiful and accurate cast!! over all great rod!!
Jerkbait model works very well
I have the jerkbait model. The length is perfect, the tip has the right amount of give, it's very light. I've only caught less than 2 pound fish so no experience with fighting the bug guys. Don't see it being a problem. I don't have the issue with the hook holder cutting me but that's because I palm the reel. The only thing I'd change is the grip trigger, it is very flat and shoots straight down, I prefer a round type. Not a fault per say but it really does bug me. The rod is something I'd buy again but I might have looked elsewhere had I known more about the grip trigger
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