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KastKing Resolute Fishing Rod

KastKing Resolute Fishing Rods, American Tackle Microwave Air Guides, Ultra-Sensitive IM7 Carbon Rod Blanks, American Tackle 2pc Bravo Reel Seat, SuperPolymer Handles, 2pc Designs
SKU Type Rod Material Length Action Power Line Weight(lb) Lure Weight(oz) Guides Pieces Weight(oz) Price
KRDCSTRT-76MH2 Casting IM7 Graphite 7'6'' Fast MH 10-17 1/4-3/4 10+1 2 5.40 $69.98
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KRDCSTRT-76M2 Casting IM7 Graphite 7'6'' Fast M 6-12 3/16-5/8 10+1 2 5.20 $69.98
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KRDCSTRT-70H2 Casting IM7 Graphite 7'0'' Fast H 14-25 1/2-1 1/2 9+1 2 5.20 $69.98
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KRDCSTRT-70MH2 Casting IM7 Graphite 7'0'' Fast MH 10-20 3/8-1 9+1 2 4.85 $69.98
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KRDCSTRT-70M2 Casting IM7 Graphite 7'0'' Fast M 6-12 3/16-5/8 9+1 2 4.80 $69.98
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KRDCSTRT-66H2 Casting IM7 Graphite 6'6'' Fast H 12-20 3/8- 1/4 8+1 2 4.90 $66.98
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KRDCSTRT-66MH2 Casting IM7 Graphite 6'6'' Fast MH 10-17 1/4-3/4 8+1 2 4.55 $66.98
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  • ULTRA-SENSITIVE KastFlex IM7 CARBON BLANKS - KastKing Resolute fishing rods are designed to deliver tournament performance at a value price. The ultra-sensitive IM7 carbon blanks range from ultra-light to heavy in 4’6” to 7’6” lengths. With KastKing’s Power Transition System, these incredible performance rods are designed for all freshwater species and also models for many inshore saltwater techniques.
  • GOLF-STYLE SUPERPOLYER GRIPS – SuperPolymer handles and fighting butts are comfortable, durable and exceptionally slip resistant giving you maximum control over your fishing pole in all conditions. These performance handles are normally only found on fishing rods costing much more, but KastKing included them on all Resolute spinning and casting rods to deliver even more quality and value in this fishing rod performance series.
  • AMERICAN TACKLE MICROWAVE AIR GUIDES – American Tackle has won numerous fishing tackle industry awards for their innovative MicroWave Air Guide Systems. These patented new fishing line guides improve casting distance and accuracy. It’s why KastKing uses them on all Resolute fishing rods. The stainless-steel frames and Duralight top guide perform great with all fluorocarbon, monofilament and braided lines. Reach new distances with KastKing Resolute fishing rods and AT Microwave Air guides!
  • AMERICAN TACKLE REEL SEATS - A fishing rod is only as good as its components, and if your reel doesn’t stay firmly in place, you’ll never be satisfied. KastKing insures solid reel placement by using only American Tackle, Bravo 2-pc reel seats on both casting rod and spinning rod models. These two-piece reel seats are light, durable and hold reels securely in place under the pressure of powerful fish. Casting fishing rod models include a trigger for improved performance and control.
  • 27 DIFFERENT MODELS FOR ALL FISHING CONDITIONS – If you need a fishing rod for freshwater fishing for crappie, bass fishing, trout fishing, walleye fishing, or targeting pike, salmon or steelhead, there is a Resolute fishing rod made for you. If you love inshore saltwater fishing, you’ll find a fishing pole model with the right length and action that you can count on. You’ll be amazed at the exceptional value of KastKing fishing rods.

Product Description


KastKing Resolute Fishing Rods, American Tackle Microwave Air Guides, Ultra-Sensitive IM7 Carbon Rod Blanks, American Tackle 2pc Bravo Reel Seat

KastKing Resolute performance fishing rods are designed to deliver uncompromised value and performance. You will be amazed by the powerful yet lightweight and ultra-sensitive IM7 carbon fiber graphite rod blanks that are available in spinning and casting models. The Resolute series of fishing rods is available in power ratings from ultra-light to heavy, in lengths from 4’6” to 7’6” long. Each fishing rod is designed to deliver exceptional performance in both fresh and saltwater fishing applications.

KastKing uses only award winning, American Tackle MicroWave Air guides with stainless frames and a Duralite top guide to enhance the rod’s performance. These patented fishing line guides improve casting distance and accuracy in both spinning rod and casting rod models. KastKing also uses American Tackle Bravo 2-pc reel seats which are extremely light and hold reels securely in place on your fishing pole in extreme conditions.

For all day fishing comfort, KastKing provides SuperPolymer handles that offer exceptional feel, durability and slip resistance in all fishing conditions. You’ll love the feel of these golf-style handles and appreciate the sure grip that they deliver wet or dry.

There are 27 different KastKing Resolute fishing rods in both casting and spinning odels for freshwater as a bass fishing rod, trout fishing rod, catfish fishing pole, walleye fishing rod, or steelhead and salmon fishing rod. If you are an inshore saltwater fishing angler, you’ll find a model with the right length and action that you can count on. You’ll love the rods and as with everything at KastKing, you’ll be amazed at the exceptional value and low prices.





  11 22 33 1 22 33
   Variation Left/Right Handed Great White/Pelagic Blue/Blacktip/Predator Red Winner White/Metallic Blue/Jet Black/Rage Red 1000, 2000,3000,4000 1000, 2000, 3000,4000, 5000 2000, 3000
   Weight(OZ) 7.1 7.5-7.6 7.2 8.6 - 10.1 7.4-10.6 9.6-9.8
   Max Drag(LB) 10.00 17.60 17.65 17.6 - 22.0 33.0 - 39.5 25.0
   Gear Ratio 6.3:1 5.4:1/6.5:1/7.2:1/9.1:1 5.3:1/6.6:1/7.3:1/8.1:1 6.2:1 5.2:1 7.2:1
   Ball Bearing 4+1 11+1 11+1 10 + 1 10 + 1 10 + 1
   IPT(in per turn) 25.5 20.2 - 33.9 22.4 - 34.06 31.4 - 38.0 27.8 - 33.8 38.5 - 41.2
   Line Capacity (LB/Yds) 10/125, 12/100, 15/85, 18/65 10/128, 12/110, 14/91 12/130 6/310, 8/210, 10/180 8/220,10/175,12/130 8/218, 10/175, 12/131
   Line Capacity (mm/m) 0.285/115, 0.33/90, 0.37/75, 0.4/60 0.26/120, 0.285/100, 0.31/80 0.285/120 0.35/130,0.30/175,0.25/250 0.24/200,0.26/160, 0.29/120 0.235/200, 0.26/160, 0.285/120

 WARNING: According to Proposition 65 of California Law this product can expose you to chemicals including lead which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
Average rating
5 (based on 26 reviews)
Light weight is understatement!
First off, I liked how the rod was shipped. It placed in a sealable tube and then placed in a packaging box. Package looked well protected.Secondly, I immediately loved how light weight the rod is. You can basically balance it with one finger! The design on it is sleek and really cool. Only thing I ran into is that I tried mounting different reels to get an idea of it would sit on the rods but the seating for the reel is too small for some. No biggie, I just ended up using a 3000 penn.Will be providing updates later on as to how it faired out after this weekends fishing trip!UPDATE:Used the rod with a Penn Fierce III 4000 and ir fit perfectly on the rod. I was able to cast out just far as my 11ft surf rod. I was using KastKings 15ib super braid with it. I was pretty speechless as to how far it was casting. I got a bit scared at one as to was able to hook on to a 20in Mutton, and it managed to bend the rod quite but it held more than fine!
The golf style grips are ideal and feel great with the right amount of sticky and soft and the trigger style finger loop is perfectly positioned for great comfort. I'm not a fan of the cork or foam so to see a golf style grip was exciting. Everything seems put together solidly. I didn't see any imperfections or low quality workmanship. I did a few practice casts in the house and it didn't feel too awkward or stiff. Once I get it strung up I will take it for real world experience and update the review then
I'm pleasantly surprised
I'm not generally a fan of 2 part rods because they have always came apart at the worst times for me. This 7ft6 rod paired with a Kastking Royal Elete and 20lb braid using a Yum swim dinnger on a weighted underspin. 1st bass was well over 4lbs being pulled up from a very high bank with no problem. I can't wait until the spinning rod are back in stock. I'm definitely buying one!
Absolute resolute
Great rod, top knotch components. Lite and sensitive. Must add for any anglers bag of tricks
The Micro Guides Are Awsome!!
The Micro Guides on this thing are awesome pin point accuracy with em. Rod is feather light great held up to some big bass on my last fishing trip. Only issue i have had with it is the second guide from the bottom bent when i hit a snag but was able to bend it back and seems to work fine but going to keep and eye on it.
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By BruceSimmons 2019-08-30 11:53
I purchased a Resolute spinning rod w/ an emerald eagle spinning reel & when assembled together I noticed about a 1/4 gap between the 2 at reel seat. Shouldn't they fit flush against each other for optimum feel & lure feedback?
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