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KastKing Portable Water Resistant Digital Scale with Tape Measure

KastKing Water Resistant Digital Scale with Ruler, Dual Mode – Pounds/Ounces & Kilograms; Zero-110 LBs/50 Kg, Light, Strong ABS Frame, Non-Slip Handle, Much More Than Just A Fishing Scale
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KTACAMSCA-DS2 14.6'' 10'' 3.2'' 0-110 lbs 0-50 Kg 175g $19.98
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  • Water-Resistant Digital Scale w/Ruler – The new KastKing Digital Scale w/Ruler is great for fishing but is perfect for so much more. Use it to weigh your largest catch or to check luggage weight before your next flight. Includes a handy, retractable ruler so you can measure dimensions of shipping boxes and then verify the weight to save shipping cost.
  • Accuracy and High Capacity – The new KastKing Digital Scale w/Ruler is extremely accurate to 1/10th of a pound or in full ounce increments. The scale will also measure in KG to two decimal places. You will get accurate weight readings up to 110 LBs or 50 Kg. Measure fish length or package size with the 38” retractable tape measure.
  • Memory Function– Quickly and accurately weigh fish or other items in either pounds and ounces or in Kilograms. There is also a memory function where you can store up to 9 different weights and refer to them at any time.
  • Lightweight, Strong, Molded ABS Handle – The handle is made of high-strength ABS so it is very light but incredibly strong. The fixed handle and sides of the scale are coated with a slip resistant TPR coating which gives you a firm grip when lifting and weighing fish or any other item. The wide, fixed handle opening makes it easy to hold for all hand sizes, with or without gloves. The scale weighs only 175 grams and includes a strong stainless-steel hook to hold fish, luggage or packages.
  • Small In Size, Big In Features – The scale is only 5.6” long x 3.8” wide x 1.25” thick and weighs just over 6 ounces. Other important features include a back-lit digital display, memory function, Auto-Off after 4-minutes of non-use to save batteries and the scale includes 2 AAA batteries so it’s ready to use right away.

The incredible new KastKing Digital Scale with Ruler is extremely accurate to 1/10th of a pound and includes a retractable ruler that is 38” long. Accurately weigh fish, luggage or packages up to 110 lbs. or 50 kg. The lightweight and water-resistant ABS frame has a slip-resistant TPR handle and sides. The scale is only 5.6” long x 3.8” wide x 1.25” thick and weighs only 6 ounces so it’s easy to pack and store. Quickly switch back and forth between pounds & kilograms depending on what is best for you and the memory function allows you to store up to 9 measurements. The back-lit digital display works great in low light conditions and will turn off automatically after 4 minutes of non-use to save valuable battery life. With the high-capacity range of up to 110 lbs., you can weigh anything from heavy luggage to monster catfish using the included stainless-steel hook. Simply hang the object you want to weigh from the hook, lift and you’ll immediately get an accurate weight measurement directly from the digital read out. KastKing has even included 2 AAA batteries so the scale is ready to go right out of the box.
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5 (based on 129 reviews)
its very accurate
this is the perfect scales for a tackle box - easy to grip - easy to read - i love it - ken
Well built, easy to ready, seems durable and versatile
A must-have in your box, a scale and ruler are needed to measure and record your catch. With the complexity of fishing rules around the country, it's important that you are accurate with the measurement to ensure you're in compliance with all local regulations. Also, people never believe the size/weight of the one you released so getting a picture is important. Batteries included and a clip to store the hook are nice touches.
Great Value scale
Awesome scale used today and worked great!!!
Light but durable
Durable and lightGoes in tackle box easilyAccurate and easy to read
Exactly as advertised.
The scale is lightweight and has all of the functions I need.
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