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KastKing New Royale Legend Elite Baitcasting Reel

KastKing New Royale Legend Elite Baitcasting Reel, Palm Perfect Compact Design, Ergo-Twist Opening, Gull Wing Side Cover, 4 Coded Gear Ratios, 11+1 BB, Magnetic Braking System
Ball Bearings
Gear Ratio
Drag Power(LB)
SKU Color Ball Bearings Gear Ratio Drag Power(LB) Weight(oz) Retrieve Line Capacity (LB/YDs) Inch Per Turn Price
KKBC-RLE-53R-WH Winner White 11+1 5.3:1 17.65 7.2 Right-handed 12/130 22.4 $69.98
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KKBC-RLE-53L-WH Winner White 11+1 5.3:1 17.65 7.2 Left-handed 12/130 22.4 $69.98
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KKBC-RLE-66R-BL Metallic Blue 11+1 6.6:1 17.65 7.2 Right-handed 12/130 27.76 $71.98
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KKBC-RLE-66L-BL Metallic Blue 11+1 6.6:1 17.65 7.2 Left-handed 12/130 27.76 $71.98
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KKBC-RLE-73R-BK Jet Black 11+1 7.3:1 17.65 7.2 Right-handed 12/130 30.71 $73.98
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KKBC-RLE-73L-BK Jet Black 11+1 7.3:1 17.65 7.2 Left-handed 12/130 30.71 $73.98
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KKBC-RLE-81R-RE Rage Red 11+1 8.1:1 17.65 7.2 Right-handed 12/130 34.06 $75.98
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KKBC-RLE-81L-RE Rage Red 11+1 8.1:1 17.65 7.2 Left-handed 12/130 34.06 $75.98
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   Color Rage Red Jet Black Metallic Blue Winner White
   Model Left/Right Handed Left/Right Handed Left/Right Handed Left/Right Handed
   Gear Ratio 8.1:1 7.3:1 6.6:1 5.3:1
   Max Drag(LB) 17.65 17.65 17.65 17.65
   Weight(OZ) 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2
   Ball Bearing 11+1 11+1 11+1 11+1
   IPT(in per turn) 34.06 30.71 27.76 22.4
   Line Capacity (LB/Yds) 12/130 12/130 12/130 12/130

  • Elite Concept– Designed for Competition; Engineered for the Win! KastKing is the fastest growing brand in the fishing world today! Advanced Royale Legend Elite reels deliver Pro level baitcasting reels to anglers for tournament performance. Royale Legend Elite baitcaster reels were developed as the first in a series of tournament ready performance reels for bass fishing. The word “Elite” on a KastKing fishing reel tells you they’ll withstand thousands of casts a day and extreme conditions.
  • Palm Perfect Compact Design – The KastKing Royale Legend Elite baitcast reel is our smallest frame casting reel to date. It fits perfectly and comfortably in the palm of your hand. The Royale Legend Elite is a compact, palm sized baitcaster that is ergonomically designed for comfort with a smooth side plate and no annoying levers. The Gull-Wing style side cover is easily opened with the Ergo-Twist release switch, so it will always stay attached to the reel and cannot be lost.
  • Color-Coded Gear Ratios – Royale Legend Elite baitcasting reels are pro fishing tournament ready reels with an amazing special feature. Each gear ratio reel has its own unique color! Now you can quickly grab a specific gear ratio reel including 5.3:1, 6.6:1, 7.3:1 or 8.1:1 by its color from the deck of your boat or rod locker for a specific fishing technique. KastKing fishing rods matched with a Royale Legend Elite reels make up perfect baitcasting fishing rod and reel combos.
  • Ultra-smooth & Reliable –KastKing used 11 double-shielded, stainless-steel bearings throughout the reel and one instant anti-reverse. The special heat treatment on the aluminum main gear provides extreme durability while maintaining its light weight. Royale Legend Elite low profile baitcasters have a stainless-steel kick lever and main shaft as found on much more expensive reels. It gives you the confidence that your thumb bar won’t fail even after tens of thousands of casts.
  • Tournament Proven Components – KastKing Royale Legend Elite features durable brass pinion gear and worm drive for strength and consistent performance for fresh or saltwater fishing. The ultra-smooth and powerful carbon disc drag delivers up to 17.6 lbs of fish stopping power. The magnetic casting control system features 5 magnets with 10 adjustment settings, so you can easily control backlash and overruns when using a variety of baits in all fishing conditions. Available right and left handed

Product Description

The amazing new Royale Legend Elite baitcasting reel is the smallest and most compact, full featured palmable reel that KastKing has made.  It’s the first in an incredible new series of “Elite” pro tournament performance reels from KastKing. The Palm Perfect compact design fits easily into the palm of your hand for all day fishing comfort.

The Swing-Wing style side cover opens easily with the Ergo-Twist release switch that swings out and away for access to the spool. It stays attached to the frame and will never be lost.

An exciting  feature of this new baitcaster reel is the color-coded gear ratio system that allows the angler to quickly identify reels of a specific gear ratio used for certain fishing techniques and conditions. Each Elite fishing reel has its own specific body color matched to a gear ratio. You can quickly identify the right reel for the job and fish more efficiently. KastKing Royale Legend Elite baitcasters are available in 4 different gear ratios: 5.3:1 (white), 6.6:1 (blue), 7.3:1 (black), and a very fast 8.1:1 (red).

Royale Legend Elite low profile baitcasters contain high-performance, double shielded, stainless-steel ball bearings (11+1) and use brass gears for strength and durability for fresh and saltwater fishing.

Powerful carbon drag washers eliminate frustrating and erratic drag tension delivering a smooth maximum drag power of 17.6 lbs.

Royale Legend Elite right and left handed baitcasting reels are super easy to cast! The magnetic braking system is easily accessible from the exterior of the side plate with 10 levels of control to avoid overruns and backlashes with baits of any size in all conditions. They are great for any baitcasting combo.

Royale Legend Elite baitcast reels have high performance CNC aluminum spools and handle, comfortable rubber handle knobs, stainless steel main shaft and kick lever. Royale Legend Elite is the new standard in compact casting reel design with features only found on reels costing twice as much.




Three Carbon Fiber Drag Washers

Palm Perfect

Superior Performance

  • Shipping Weight: 14.6 ounces

 WARNING: According to Proposition 65 of California Law this product can expose you to chemicals including lead which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
Average rating
5 (based on 45 reviews)
Great Reel, Will Buy Another With Different Ratio For Versatility
It's hard to say anything negative about the Royal Legend Elite. It casts incredibly well, the retrieve on it is super smooth and noise free, the spool tension adjustment is incredibly simple, and the star drag adjusts with a very pleasing and audible click.<br /> This was my first baitcaster reel, and like many others, I was a little nervous about the learning curve. I've even had many friends tell me that they won't even use them because they don't like that they have to learn the technique. With that said, I did just a little research about how a baitcaster works, and how to make some very simple adjustments to make the reel play well with the weight of whichever lure I decide to use. I relied on the magnetic braking a lot in the beginning, which worked splendidly. As a matter of fact, the only major birds nest I threw was my first cast, on a new rod/reel combo, being the first cast after spooling up some brand new 30lb braid. I spent 5 minutes cleaning up the line, and I was off to the races from there. Now I'm hardly using the brakes at all, keeping it down to a level 3, as fishing pictures reflect above. Being able to use my thumb as a mid air throttle control has allowed me to land amazingly accurate casts, especially when I've accidentally put too much speed into the cast.<br /> For me, having to deal with one major backlash on a newly spooled reel that I've never used before is perfectly acceptable. The face that I, as a new baitcast reel user, have not had any issues since says a lot. I've let a couple of my professional bass fisher friends try this reel out and they liked it a lot, and I was able to try out some of their really high end reels as well for comparison.<br /> Ultimately, I've decided that I'm going to purchase another one for my next rod. It will likely be the white version, with a lower ratio. I love the 7.3, but it IS fast, and if I'm not careful I end up retrieving crank baits too quickly. This is why I'd like to get a lower ratio version, so that if I'm not paying attention and just reeling away, I can still reel in at a reasonable speed.
I purchased this reel in the 8.1:1 ratio to give Kastking another try. I had nothing but trouble with my Speed Demon but really like how this reel has preformed so far. I compared it side by side with my $240 Lew's and honestly, other than the feel, there didn't seem to be much difference in performance. I have only had the reel a short time so I cannot comment on durability or longevity but I see no reason why this reel wouldn't last. It casts great, brakes work well, tension knob and drag are perfect (areas my speed demon failed). There are only two things I can knock so far. The first is the tension knob does not click, which I would prefer. The second is the brake dial. It is a little tough to turn where it is set up. These are the only two complaints and neither of which would dissuade me from buying more. Great job with this reel guys!
It's great!
Another awesome KastKing reel. Exactly what I expected. Kastking has yet to let me down.
Great I love it
Must get !
This reel is on another level !
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