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KastKing Madbite Lure Wraps

KastKing Madbite Lure Wraps, Available In Two Sizes, Keeps Lures Safe, Durable & Clear PVC, Easily See Lures, Easy Open and Close Hook & Loop System, Great Value, includes 4 Lure Wraps
SKU Length Width Thickness Clear Window Closure Price
KTABAMLW-M4 5.67 3.38 .3 3mm PVC Hook & Loop $13.98
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KTABAMLW-L4 7.48 3.89 .3 3mm PVC Hook & Loop $15.98
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  • Available In Two Popular Sizes for Most Lures – KastKing MadBite Lure Wraps come packed 4 lure wraps per package and are available in two sizes. The large PVC window size is 7.48” x 3.89” and the small PVC window size is 5.67” x 3.38” when folded and attached to your rod. Price is for two lure wraps of either size.
  • Puncture Resistant Clear PVC – Extremely clear, 3mm PVC window allows you to see what lure is attached to your rod for quick rod selection. Puncture resistant material protects your hooks and keeps them from tangling with other gear or from getting hooked in carpeting, clothing, ropes or skin.
  • Easy Open and Close – The KastKing MadBite Lure Wraps easily cover lures and hooks of most sizes to keep them safe and organized. Easy open and close hook and loop construction allows easy access to your gear to get you fishing quickly. Great way to protect and store your rods in lockers or on your boat to eliminate tangles.
  • Protects all kinds of lures – KastKing Lure Wraps protect many different styles of baits including Jerk Baits, crankbaits, jigs, spinnerbaits, spoons and many more. This is a great way to stay organized and tangle free when rods are on the deck, in rod holders or inside storage lockers.
  • Durable Construction – All hook & loop construction is sewn and not glued for the ultimate in durability and function. Hook & loop connections are .5” wide for a tight, secure fit but will open easily when its time to fish.

Product Description


KastKing MadBite Lure Wraps are a great way to protect your lures and keep them tangle free when stored in rod holder, on the deck of your boat or in storage lockers. These easy to use lure wraps keep hooks from getting caught on carpeting, clothing or even you. Great way to keep your gear tangle free when not in use.

The extremely durable and clear, 3mm PVC window lets you quickly see which lure is attached to your rod so you can quickly select the right lure for each condition. The easy to use hook & loop closure keeps them firmly in place but allows for easy removal when you are ready to fish.


Available In Two Popular Sizes for Most Lures

KastKing Lure Wraps come packed 4 lure wraps per package and are available in two sizes that you’ll find perfect for covering most lure styles.

The large lure wrap is 7.48” x 3.89” when folded over your lure on your rod and the smaller size is 5.67” x 3.38” when folded.

Our lure wraps are perfect for covering most lures like jerk baits, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, jigs, spoons and much more.


Made of durable PP frame and a clear 3mm PVC window, the hook & loop closure is completed sewn in place and not glued which makes them very strong and easy to open.

Eliminate needless tangles and accidents and cover every lure on all your rods. You’ll spend more time fishing and less time working on gear.

Lure Wrap

Average rating
5 (based on 101 reviews)
Great product
Great item
Great item to hold and protect my fishing lures on my poles
It does the job well.
I like to pre-rig my rods with my jigs or lures before I get to the boat. I purchased the lure wraps to prevent the hooks from injuring anyone.The wraps are well made and close tightly once they are wrapped around the lure. They are made of solid materials and I think they will last a long time.I would recommend this product to all anglers.
no more hooking yourself
great wrap to protect yourself and your lures when transporting your rods. the large size fits a whopper popper 130, but if you have smaller lures I suggest getting the mediums
Fits larger lures in the 4" to 5" size with room to spare.
If you are looking for lure protectors which are simple to use, plenty of room for larger lures, this is what you need.
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