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KastKing BlackHawk II Telescopic Rods(Upgraded )

KastKing Newly Designed, Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rods, Graphite Rod Blanks & Durable Solid Glass Tip, Floating Guides, Comfortable EVA Handle, 1pc Performance/Telescopic Design
Extended Length
SKU Type Extended Length Action Power Line Weight(LB) Lure Weight(oz) Guides Section Price
KRDCSTBK2-8IH9-C Casting 8' Mod Fast H 12-25 1/2-1 1/2 9+1 6 $59.98
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KRDCSTBK2-76IMH9-C Casting 7'6 Mod Fast MH 10-25 3/8-1 1/4 9+1 6 $59.98
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KRDSPNBK2-8IH9-C Spinning 8' Mod Fast H 12-25 1/2-1 1/2 7+1 6 $59.98
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KRDSPNBK2-76IMH9-C Spinning 7'6 Mod Fast MH 10-25 3/8-1 1/4 7+1 6 $59.98
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KRDCSTBK2-76MH9-C Casting 7'6 Fast MH 10-20 1/4-1 9+1 6 $49.98
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KRDCSTBK2-73MH9-C Casting 7'3 Fast MH 10-17 1/4-3/4 9+1 6 $49.98
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KRDCSTBK2-71MH9-C Casting 7'1 Fast MH 10-17 1/4-3/4 9+1 6 $49.98
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  • SOLOSCOPIC PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY – KastKing KastFlex Toray 24-Ton Carbon Matrix blank and solid glass tip section deliver unmatched durability, sensitivity and performance. One-piece performance in a six-piece telescopic rod design. Multiple floating line guides improve casting performance, deliver a consistent and smooth taper and eliminate flat or dead spots in the blank. Snug-Fit ferrules provide full length power transition and allow these rods to perform and feel like a 1pc rod.
  • CONVENIENT- Besides the obvious advantage of easy travel over the traditional 1 & 2 pc fishing rods, they save valuable fishing time because you can leave the reel on the rod, line through the guides and fully rigged. Simply open the bail with line through the guides and hook attached, extend the rod to its working length and you'll be fishing again in seconds without re-rigging. Telescopic rods are portable, convenient, and easy-to-carry. Travel anywhere with your Blackhawk II fishing rod.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - Only high-quality components including stainless steel line guides, graphite reel seats and comfortable EVA handles are used in the construction of the new and improved, KastKing BlackHawk II telescopic rods. The entire series makes a great travel or back-up fishing pole.
  • QUICK ASSEMBLY - Extending the rod starts at the tip section! As shown in the video, you will extend each section while aligning the guides one section at a time. Simply extend the tip section until it stops, align the guides to the tip top guide and repeat with all sections. To collapse the rod to its travel length, start at the bottom of the rod and collapse each section with a simple twist as you work your way to the tip of the rod.
  • MULTIPURPOSE – BlackHawk II is available in 14 lengths and actions. You’ll find the perfect spinning or baitcasting rod for almost any fresh or saltwater fishing situation whether your trout fishing, bass fishing, kayak fishing or even saltwater fishing from the bank or boat. KastKing travel rods feature awesome design, perfect balance and KastKing's One Year Incredible Total Peace of Mind Warranty!

Product description

When it's time to hit the road or trail, the newly designed, KastKing BlackHawk II Telescopic fishing rod is the perfect companion. Game changing design and innovation makes the BlackHawk II the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to go fishing. You'll never again feel as if you don't have space to take a spinning or casting fishing rod with you because the BlackHawk II packs down to only about 21" in overall length (depending on style) fits easily in your backpack, briefcase, bicycle, boat or car. The secret of these travel rods is our revolutionary Soloscopic Performance Technology with multiple float guides which improves casting performance, delivers a smooth and consistent taper and eliminates flat or dead spots. Snug-Fit ferrules deliver full length power transition and the KastFlex Technology with Toray 24-Ton Carbon Matrix blank and new solid glass tip section provide durability, power and strength.The amazing Floating Guide System will allow you to expand or contract the rod in seconds. We've used the perfect combination of fixed and floating guides to allow these rods to retract to a fraction of their working length while still providing better casting control, line presentation and to handle powerful fish and you'll never have to remove line from the guides again so you're always ready to fish as soon as you hit the water.KastKing BlackHawk II is not only convenient; this is truly a performance fishing rod made with high modulus, 24-ton Toray carbon fiber blanks which are strong yet sensitive, and our unique design allows these rods to perform and feel like your favorite 1- or 2-piece fishing rod. The new solid glass tip section provides durability and strength. There are 14 different lengths and actions available in the KastKing BlackHawk II series so there is rod that will be right for your situation no matter where you are fishing.And like all other KastKing products, you are protected with our One Year Incredible Total Peace of Mind Warranty!

Average rating
5 (based on 83 reviews)
Great for traveling
Perfect traveling pole. Used to go fishing on vacation and held up extremely well. Caught a few large mouth bass on it without any issues. I like the extra eyelets so the line travels smoothly when casting. No issues with it at all on the last three times I’ve used it
Maybe not so good for traveling.
For traveling, I find it too long to fit into my backpack or carry on luggage. The floating guides feel really weak and you have to be very careful with them otherwise you may crush or bend them. I would be cautious using this as a travel rod.The rod is responsive and does feel great otherwise. It is light weight.
Solid pole, feels almost like a single shaft
It's lightweight, has a slick design, and works well with most baitcasting reels. I may buy another as a gift!
Very portable for SUP Fishing
I received my KastKing BlackHawk II in the mail today and it is great looking so far with the Seafoam Crixus Baitcaster also just got today too. I combined the two and stretched out the rod and oh man can you say flexible! I chose to go with a 7”6 inshore rod since the 7”1 rod was on back order at the time and looking today isn’t available on Amazon as this rod seems very popular. I looked for a portable rod like two piece so that I was lugging less gear with me on my fishing sup and this rod is perfect! Won’t have the chance until this weekend to find out how this rod feels fishing mainly for bass and will update my review. Yes 7”6 is long but I plan to travel with this rod and fish bigger lakes and or ocean possibly. Wish me luck!
best telescopic rod I've owned so far
KastKing rods for the win! I've recently purchased 2 of their reels, the first one was a MELO model and I loved it so much, I bought a SUMMER model for surf casting. I've been using the reels on a telescopic rod from another company and unfortunately the last bit was so flimsy it just snapped off.. I was a little skeptical with telescopics after that, but gave this one a try because of the quality of their reels. This one did not disappoint! The flexibility on this rod is amazing and it has 2 extra eyes to really keep that line in place. The first time I used this rod on the surf, I caught something on every cast. I thought it was just a lucky day, but I took this with me out on a pier 2 weeks later with similar results. KastKing Reel attached to a KastKing rod was the winning combo! This rod was also a full ounce lighter than my last one which is a little odd since this one is about half a foot longer, but the material this is made of is pretty darn tough and flexible. I hope to use this for many years to come.
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You can leave your questions in the following message box, and the designer will reply you the first time! 1 questions
By Alfred AllanHizon 2019-06-06 20:35
LEAVING FOR THE PHILIPPINES in a few weeks i will be leaving for the philippines and i am in need of your wonderful blackhawk II rods. however they are out of stock (spinning medium and medium light power), any ideas when will they get in?
Administrator reply:

Hello Alfred, sorry for the inconvenience and we have the replenishment. Please leave us a message of the size to our customer service at service@kastking.com

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