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Inner Circle program offers lifetime open membership with generous starter package
for USA KastKing brand fans.


The fishing tackle manufacturer, KastKing,  with headquarters in Garden City, Long Island, New York, launched  ‘KastKing Inner Circle’. KastKing® Inner Circle is an open membership club for all-age US fans of the brand.


Inner Circle Members will receive via email: frequent periodic insider information about yet to be released products, unusual “members’ only “ deals on KastKing® fishing tackle, special pre-release reserves on certain new products, and other company insider news.

Each Inner Circle Member can form a lifetime membership in one easy step by ordering their
Member Creation Package through the Amazon product link http://amzn.to/2u19EHu
,The package, which contains numerous KastKing swag, apparel, and fishing accessory items,
has a retail value of over $150.  Its contents will be valuable to freshwater and saltwater anglers alike. The one-time cost for the creation package is only $49.98 and ships by standard mail throughthe United States Postal Service in the USA. Also inside the package is a postage pre-paid mailer to register as a member to receive email announcements and news


KastKing Inner Circle swag and cool stuff.“The KastKing staff is excited about this. It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for a while for the KastKing US fan base, which has grown to epic proportions,” said KastKing’s Chief Marketing Officer and creator of Inner Circle, Tom Gahan, during ICAST (International Convention of Sportfishing Trades) last week.

“There are many loyal fans who want a closer relationship with the brand.  The concept was taken from the royal and noble Knights of the Round Table.  This is for our loyal following. As the Inner Circle grows, we will be doing more promotions such as select drawings and giveaways from among the Inner Circle Membership, including trips, and other events with our Pro Staff. The Inner Circle Creation Package is full of cool KastKing® gadgets and usable fishing gear. It is worth becoming an Inner Circle Member for the gear alone, but the much greater value is the Member benefits.”