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Use a Shiner for Early Spring Kayak Fishing

By Kastking | 22 January 2018 | 0 Comments

Hook on a live shiner baitfish and go after early spring freshwater fish.



I consider myself pretty well rounded as a saltwater angler. But when it comes to freshwater, I’m comparatively inexperienced. I’ve experimented with a lot of fisheries in the New Jersey and New York areas to see what I like most to fill the gap of saltwater’s down time.  Before the salt season kicks off I do enjoy getting out and catching some fish in the local reservoirs or rivers. There are a lot of different options of fish to target by me, largemouth bass is widely available. I’ve also spent some time trolling leadcore in the deep cold lakes for lake trout. What I ended up settling on is live shiner fishing as my favorite spring tactic.


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There are a variety of shiner minnows including: Eastern shiners, Finescale. Flagfin, Golden, Highscale, Redside and Satinfin shiner. Pictured is a black tail shiner

You can’t beat the simplicity and effectiveness of this type of fishing. Many big lakes and reservoirs offer a good variety of species to catch. Using a live shiner as bait are the best way to get a full introduction of a fishery. I recommend using a slip bobber like the technique outlined in my video. It’s a revamp of a classic rig with a bit more modern tackle like KastKing braided lines with Kast King MH rods. This rig with a shiner is extremely effective for catching species like crappie, pike, pickerel, bass, and catfish. Concentrate your efforts with a boat in shallow bays of big lakes or near mouths of feeder creeks as these areas will warm first and also have the most forage early on.  Calm days drift your rigs through areas, on a windy day drop anchor and be ready to move every few minutes or so if you don’t locate fish.



— By Elias Vaisberg

 Elias Vaisberg is a highly experience kayak fisherman in Brooklyn, NY. He logs countless hours targeting anything that swims in Jamaica Bay and New York Harbor. He qualified for the Hobie International Challenge the past two years. He fishes on a 2011 Hobie Outback and is sponsored by Eposeidon and Hobie.


About Eposeidon:

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