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Topwater Fall Bite with Frogs, Poppers and Walkabout Lures

By Kastking | 22 January 2018 | 0 Comments

Here’s a look at how topwater lures and specific fishing tackle can add to your stinger in the fall.




The fall topwater bite can be one of the most exciting experiences of your fishing life… if you keep a few things in mind. Let’s begin by looking at the differences between the spring topwater and fall topwater.


In Florida I’ve caught fish on topwater lures in water temperatures as low as 55 degrees during the fall. You can’t do that in the spring. The water needs to be much warmer for the topwater action to kick in. This is how I think of fish:


Fish are coldblooded. In the fall they have the warm summer water behind them. I think it takes a while for their metabolism to slow down. In the spring it’s just the opposite. They have the cold winter water behind them. It takes a while for their metabolism to speed up.


topwater, madbite

A MadBite Topwater Walk-A-Bout offers great topwater walk the dog action



Another thing about the fall topwater bite is that structure and cover aren’t as important as they are in the spring, you can also catch them in open water, no matter how deep. In the fall the bass are usually hanging below and around bait fish near the surface. If you see bait fish the bass aren’t far behind.


The water might be 60 feet or even deeper where you’re fishing but the shad and other baitfish will be shallow. The bass are usually under the baitfish, right up near the top. So, regardless of how deep the water might be the bass are in a perfect position to bust something on the surface.


Another thing I like about topwater in the fall is that it only takes a few casts to learn if the bite is on. If they’re hitting topwater, they’ll do it on the first six casts. You don’t have to waste a lot of time looking for them or trying to figure out what they want.



topwater, popper

Topwater poppers will spit and chug as they swim. This MadBite comes equipped with a rattle



Usually I ignore the weather in the fall. I’ll fish topwater anytime unless the barometric pressure is rising and the sky is a pure cloudless blue. That will kill the action.


Here’s a few great fall topwater lures that I recommend . Heddon Spook is a great lure with the walk the dog action and the noise it makes sounding like baitfish on the surface is what fall bass are looking for. The MadBite popper is perfect in the fall. The splash, pop, and knocking noise you can do with this lure makies it a versatile lure. My favorite, when you hear the croaking of a nearby frog, throw out the hollow body frog. Madbite makes a great frog that rattles and makes a splash.



topwater, frogs, madbite

MadBite’s economical topwater frogs





The rod and reel set up that works for best me, which could be different for other anglers, is a KastKing® BX1000 reel mounted on a KastKing® Perigee TopWater rod. They are available at www.eposeidon.com. KastKing’s® Topwater Rod specs consists of a 6 ft. 9inch Micro Polish finish blank. It comes in a medium heavy, moderate fast action. The Kastking® BX1000 is a 6:3.1 gear ratio reel and has an outstanding drag system.  It is perfect for topwater bites.



topwater, bass,  popper

The author takes a bass on a topwater popper. (Photo courtesy of Matt Rhodes)


By — Matt Rhodes

Matt Rhodes is an avid angler who lives in the Florida panhandle region. He fishes sat and freshwater. 






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