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Tackle Bags for Non-boaters

By Kastking | 22 January 2018 | 0 Comments

Tackle bags and tackle can be overloaded with the wrong equipment for an outing. Here’s a look at what to bring along. 



When fishing as a non-boater in a tournament situation, it is not always easy to decide what to bring and what to leave behind.  You will essentially be a guest in someone else’s boat, and space is limited.  Luckily, there are some great, smaller tackle bags on the market today that can help you stay organized in a smaller space.



Tackle bags come in a variety of sizes

Tackle bags come in a variety of sizes


As a tournament non-boater, I carried a tackle bag that held four Plano 3600 boxes.  This is a great size for a non-boater and, when filled properly, will allow you to bring with you everything you need for the day.  Depending on the lake and the area you will be fishing, this may mean that you will not be taking a full box of 5” worms in 8 different colors, for instance.  You may have three colors that you know you will use and 3 colors of your favorite creature bait in the other half of the box.  There may be times that you know you will throw a worm all day.  In that case, maybe you do dedicate an entire box to worms.  In my experience, a few colors of each type of bait I wanted to throw was more than enough in most instances.


I always kept one box strictly for terminal tackle and hard baits.  I never wanted to put by crank baits and top waters in the same box as salty soft plastics, even for a day.  That was my personal preference.  I would load two or three sizes of hooks, sinkers, swim bait hooks, tube jigs, shakey heads and football heads into my terminal tackle box.  Obviously, I didn’t take all of these every time, but the proper box, with the right amount of dividers, can help you keep these things organized and still leave room for a top-water or two and a space for a couple crankbaits, should you choose to bring them.



A well organized tackle bag can helps

A well organized tackle bag helps


Now, if I knew I would be using crankbaits of various depths all day long, I may have only terminal tackle in my terminal box and have another box dedicated to hard baits in my tackle bag.  This is where your boater comes in.  If I knew who I would be fishing with, such as the case in a club tournament, I would call or email him or her before the tournament and ask what I should bring.  Most boaters would let me know what they were going to be fishing and give me some ideas of the types of lures to bring.


Once I had an idea of what I wanted to bring with me, I would load the other three boxes, usually with half one type of soft plastic bait and half with another type.  This allowed me to bring six different varieties of soft plastics, each in a few different colors.  One tool that became invaluable to me as a non-boater was a garlic marker.  Actually, I still have several colors of garlic markers.  In one tournament my boater was throwing a jerk bait in a color that I did not have.  As a non-boater, it’s almost impossible to have every color.   I quickly realized that my white fluke wasn’t getting the bites his jerk bait was.  Using my garlic markers, I put chartreuse on the tail and a bit of orange on the chin of the bait, making it look just like his jerk bait.  It was then that I started getting bit.  Garlic markers will help non-boaters catch more fish by allowing customization of all of your soft plastics.


You will also want to bring your own tools.  I use a small pair of sewing scissors that work great to cut even braided line.  A needle nose pliers is a good idea, too.  Even as a non-boater I carried a Hook-Out tool for fish that might have been hooked a little deep.  Oftentimes my boater would not have that tool, and it came in handy.  Because I live in the north, I also carried a jaw spreader.  They don’t take up much room and when you hook into a “toothy critter”, they definitely come in handy.


tackle boxes offer an alternative to tackle bags

Tackle boxes offer an alternative to tackle bags


I also tried to limit myself to four rods that were a little more all-purpose as a non-boater.  Obviously, this may mean retying during the tournament more times than the boater you are with, who may have 10 – 12 rods rigged up and 7 of them on the deck at all times.  However, it is not only good etiquette to limit the number of rods you bring with you as a non-boater, but it will also be easier for you to change from rod to rod and keep your equipment organized throughout the day.


With my small tackle bag and only four rods, I was able to have everything I needed for a successful day on the water.  Limiting the tackle and gear you bring as a non-boater is good etiquette, and makes for a better day for everyone.  One last tip:  It never hurts to bring homemade cookies to share with you boater!

— By Beckie Joki

Beckie Joki is an avid bass fisherman in Northern Wisconsin. She has an eye on conservation and the environment as it relates to all types of fishing. She is a member of the Hodag Bassmasters, and is a member of the Shawano Red Nek Bass Busters. She understands the importance of maintaining fisheries and looks to get younger generations into the sport of fishing. Beckie writes regularly for the Northern Wisconsin Fishing Examiner.




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