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Swim Jigs for Bass

By Kastking | 22 January 2018 | 0 Comments

Swim jigs … they are a little about the fishing tackle and a little about the technique. 


Swim jigs are a fairly recent development as far as jigs go.   There are more slender, aerodynamic jigs that are specifically swim jigs, and others that are more of an Arky-style that are known as flip-and-swims.  Either will work for this deadly technique that every angler should put in his or her bag of tricks.


In most cases, swimming a jig may mean pitching or flipping it into heavy cover and then dragging, hopping, or stroking it back to the boat.  With these jigs, the retrieve is different, with the object to keep the jig “swimming” often above submergent vegetation, or around cover that serves as an ambush point for bass.  Swimming a jig will bring some fantastic reaction strikes.


swiml jig, swim head, swim head jig

swim jig heads offer a lot of different looks. You can use them with a variety of trailers.



A long rod is best for this technique, a 7’ medium heavy crankbait rod works well with either a moderate or fast action.  A high gear ratio reel is the best, something from 6.4:1 to 7.0:1 will serve the purpose nicely.  A long rod will help the angler make long casts, allowing the jig to stay in the strike zone longer.  The high speed reel is perfect to bring fish out of heavy cover.  It will also allow the angler to retrieve the swim jig quickly and fire it back out quickly.


Line choice is another decision an angler needs to make.  Braided line is great for bringing the jig through heavy cover.  It also cuts through grass well and allow the angler to pull fish out of that type of cover more easily.  Many anglers use a heavier monofilament, 17 – 25 pound test, for more open-water applications.  No matter the line choice, it’s important to remember to wait to feel the rod load up before setting the hook with a sideways swing.  This will greatly increase the hook up ratio and bring more fish to the boat.


There is more to swimming a jig than simply chucking and winding, however.  Stopping the retrieve when the swim jig hits cover often elicits strikes.  Also, when swimming the jig, twitching the rod tip and varying the cadence of the twitches will cause the skirt on the jig to flare and pulse.  This is another great way to entice fish to bite.  Some anglers choose to kill the jig when they see a fish following it, just for a second, and then begin reeling again.  This can bring strikes, too.  As with other techniques, it is good to experiment with different cadences and retrieves and determine from there what the fish want.


swim jig, swim jigs, swim jig head

As with any bait, matching the hatch, and using the right color to match water conditions is key. A swim jig can do that.


Color selection should be basically the same as with flipping jigs.  The clearer the water the more natural colors and angler will want to use.  It’s about matching the hatch, so to speak.  The jig should look like the forage available to the fish in the area of that area of the fishery.  There are many great swim jig manufacturers in the market so anglers should feel free to experiment with several different manufacturers as well to find the ones in which they have the most confidence.   Trailers are also a matter of individual angler confidence.  Grubs, both single- and double-tailed, swim baits, swimming chunks, and even split-tail spinnerbait trailers are all popular choices.  Each angler should dress his or her swim jig with whatever feels the most natural in the given situation.


A swim jig is a great reaction bait from pre-spawn all the way through late fall.  There are a great variety available on the market, and anglers should experiment to find what works best for a given area or fishery.  Becoming a master as swimming a jig will definitely help anglers put more fish in the boat.


– by Beckie Joki


Beckie Joki is an avid bass angler in Northern Wisconsin. She has an eye on conservation and the environment as it relates to all types of fishing. She is a member of the Hodag Bassmasters, and is a member of the Shawano Red Nek Bass Busters. She understands the importance of maintaining fisheries and looks to get younger generations into the sport of fishing. Beckie writes regularly for the Northern Wisconsin Fishing Examiner.




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