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Stripers Require Special Spring Tactics

By Kastking | 22 January 2018 | 0 Comments

Kayak pro angler Elias Vaisberg shows tips and techniques to fish for stripers.


In this video Elias explains tactics for trolling for stripers by kayak. The action in early Spring is a bit different. He shows how to use the best practices for targeting these sometimes fussy fish.


Long before big striped bass start feeding on bunker (menhaden) a kayak angler can follow these tips to target the first wave of migrating fish moving up the coast. Kayak fishing for bass can be a rewarding experience. Although early in the season the fish may be smaller, it only adds to the challenge and thrill of fishing by ‘yak. A little inside information often pays off.


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Elias Vaisberg targets stripers throughout the season in NY waters.

Elias is a highly experience kayak fisherman in Brooklyn, NY. He logs endless hours targeting many species in Jamaica Bay and New York Harbor. He qualified for the Hobie International Fishing Challenge the past two years and won the Jamaica Bay Kayak Fishing Tournament two years in a row — an event that typically has 300 – 400 kayak anglers. In 2014 he competed in the Challenge in Holland and is setting his sights on the 2015 Hobie Challenge scheduled to take place in China. He fishes on a 2011 Hobie Outback.


This video Elias talks about the habits of stripers in early Spring, the depth and water temperature they prefer, what to expect as the season progresses and conditions change, and where to find them in the water column.


Elias believes in keeping things simple aboard a kayak and that less is more. He uses a medium heavy patent-pending KastKing® Phantom Kayak rod matched with a KastKing® Orcas 3000 spinning reel that is spooled with 15 lb KastKing® braided line. The package is completed with a 25 lb KastKing® fluorocarbon leader and a paddle tail shad.


In 2015 he will be starting a kayak fishing guide service in and around Jamaica Bay, NY for clients who want to fish for stripers, fluke, sea bass, bluefish, and weakfish. He knows these waters the way you know the inside of your tackle box.





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