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Spinner Baits; a Lure for Fall

By Kastking | 22 January 2018 | 0 Comments

Spinner baits can be the hot go to lure for cool fall days.


As you may know, spinner baits can be a lure you can use all year long. In my opinion spinner baits are especially great to use in the fall. Why spinner baits you may ask? I personally have had much better luck with this lure in the fall then in any other season.


In the winter months water gets denser and will start to lose its oxygen. You will want to throw light weight lures. The lighter lures will fall fast; heavier ones will fall even faster.


When throwing at points and flats you will want to change the retrieve. By that I mean the movement you make with the lure. Stick with faster, slower, and some jerks and pauses in between.


spinner baits Colorado and Willow leaf tandem bladed spinner baits

The MadBite Thumper 10 is a Colorado and Willow leaf tandem bladed spinnerbait.



Choosing the right spinner baits are key to utilizing them in the fall.


Keep in mind for early fall to stick to the willow leaf blades or maybe a small Colorado blade.


The clarity of the water will affect your color choices as well. If you are fishing in clear water, stick to a natural or brown in color and silver blade. If you are fishing dirtier water, go to a white skirt and gold blades. These have worked best for me. Also, in dirty water you will want to be sure to have a Colorado Blade on your spinner bait for more vibration to make it easier for the fish to find.


When casting, don’t be scared to throw at structure such as lay downs and objects. You would be surprised at how many fish I have caught off of one fallen tree. I once caught three fish alone from a small stump barely visible from the surface.


On a shady day I like to cast about 6-10 feet from the bank or debris. Fish will get active in fall transition on shady days. On sunny days they love shade lines. Shade lines are the area where the sun will hit a grass line or an actual shade line in the water. Fish spinner baits at different depths. The bass just might be suspended that day.


Spinner baits MadBite  double-willow blade spinner baits

The MadBite Dasher is a double-willow blade spinner bait.


In northern Florida the temperatures tend to change dramatically from one day to the next. In our area fall means more cold fronts. When I think of cold fronts, I think of an invisible wall that pushes rain clouds right to me. The rain in this area in the fall is very sporadic as well. When bank fishing, I like to make sure to pack ready for any weather changes. You could have great fishing in the morning and a cloud can come over and ruin the rest of the day. Be ready. Check the weather and have fun.


If you seem to be having a great hook up ratio but the fish keep throwing your lure when they jump, add a trailer hook. You will get more fish in the boat.


Be sure to try spinner baits this fall you won’t be disappointed. Hope this was helpful and Tight Lines!


— By Matt Rhodes

Matt Rhodes is an avid angler who fishes fresh water and salt water in the panhandle region of Florida.




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