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Safe Kayak Fishing

By Kastking | 24 August 2018 | 0 Comments

Safety Tips for Kayak Fishing in the Summer Bays

By Capt. Gary Joyce

I’ve paddled Long Island waters while kayak fishing enough in the summer to know I really like paddling in the winter when there’s nary a boat around. A conundrum, you say? Yup.


But, given that large powerboats — with inattentive types at the wheel and sailors who sail looking up at their trim and telltales rather than forward — can really ruin a kayak fisherman’s day, it’s something summer SOT (Sit On Top) anglers have to take into consideration, especially as they venture farther from land … which you can, should, and will … in search of fish. Here’re some suggestions to make the exercise safer.


You’re not gonna’ like this one, but you know those orange fiberglass whips with the orange pendant that they put on kids bikes (mainly in the city where the little rascals have a penchant for popping out from between parked cars)? Mounting one on the aft of your SOT is at one good way to make you visible while kayak fishing. A two-to-three foot sea can hide a kayak; using a flag makes you four-plus feet taller.


Again, another not-likable one, but, wear your life jacket/ PFD. It’s worth investing in an auto-inflate suspender setup. They’re light, unobtrusive, and as long as they’re maintained, they work. I swear by my Mustangs. Not cheap, but …


As neat as it is to have a handheld VHF, even smarter is one of those can-powered horns to get attention of a too-close boater. If you use that, chances are you won’t have to use a VHF and channel 16 (though I’d still carry a handheld). Go in the 120-decibel range. The more deafening, the better!


Float plan. How tedious. That said, leave one with your car, your spouse or your dog/cat/pet monkey. And make sure your boat has ID affixed to it.


Lastly, take a boating safety class or — even better — a kayak fishing safety class. I know the latter are out there because I’ve taught them. Check your local Power Squadron of CG Auxiliary.


Gary Joyce is a Coast Guard-licensed captain, and a NYS and US Power Squadron boating safety instructor. He started kayaking in the mid-1970s and has paddled SOTs and decked boats, both whitewater and sea kayaks, as well as waveskis. 


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