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Redfish Fishing Tips

By Kastking | 08 January 2018 | 0 Comments

Follow these three tips and head out for redfish


Catching a redfish, or multiple redfish, shfuld be on every fisherman’s list. Their brute strength runs after they feel the hook are incredible and can tire out almost any fisherman after catching a few back to back. It’s no wonder they’re so popular. While there are many different tips and trick to catch redfish, here are three tips that have never failed us when targeting redfish in shallow water.


Preparing Before Your Trip


              Preparing for anything the night or morning before you go fishing is crucial to landing fish. If you’re going fishing in the morning, don’t forget to rig up your favorite top water lure the night before. Nothing beats seeing a red come from overtop to eat your lure as the sun is rising, but if you aren’t prepared and have to tie one on the water it may already be too late. Big reds are skittish as ever and will rip away if they see you.


All good things must come to an end, though. You’ll know when to stop fishing your topwater when the bite slows down, it starts to warm up, and you don’t hear the usual bait just jumping to escape. Right when you sense it’s changing, it’s time to switch it up.


A KastKing Kodiak is a perfect reel for redfish. It is built for saltwater fishing and has 39.5 lbs. of drag to stop even the biggest bull red!



Switch to a rig you tied the night before specifically for jerk baits. For shallow water, go with a 15lb braid with a 3-5 foot leader depending on water clarity, and a 3/0-5/0 hook depending on the size of bait you’re fishing. As a personal tip, it’s nice to tie your leader longer than you think so you’ll be able to quickly tie on a new bait if your line is cut or you want to switch to a different hook size.


Finally, rigging a live or cut bait rod will help your odds of landing fish. Don’t forget to use a circle hook to decrease the chance you’ll gut hook a fish. Toss out your live or cut bait if you anchor down to fish an area and see what takes the bait.





Watching for Potholes


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A redfish foraging in potholes

We’re not talking on your way to the ramp so your boat doesn’t bounce around, although that’s also a good tip. We’re talking about those sandy areas among the grass in the water. They can be a few feet to a few yards wide, so make sure to bring polarized glasses along so you can scan the water for these sandy open areas. These potholes are a favorite for not only redfish but trout, too. Cast your lure beyond the hole and work it normally right through it. This is a numbers game as you’ll usually have many potholes to cast to as you drift down a flat. Keep at it, and you’ll hook up more often than you think.


Looking up the Tides



If you don’t know by now, reading tides is one of the most important factors when it comes to fishing. Now, it is true tides don’t have as much as an effect on redfish as they do for trout and snook, but they still play a major factor. Take a look at the tide charts closest to where you’ll be fishing before you head out.

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A successful redfish fishing trip

Once the tide starts to flow, there are two things to keep in mind – target points for outgoing tide and dips for incoming tide. On the outgoing tide, predatory fish, or redfish will hang by points to catch bait swimming by. On the incoming tide, they’ll be in the deeper parts of the river ready to ambush prey as the water begins to fill in.


                                                                                      By – Wesley Anderson from BassGrab.com

BassGrab.com is a fishing website run by two brothers dedicated to providing factual and in-depth reviews of fishing gear as well as regularly scheduled fishing articles to help all anglers succeed.  


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Redfish fishing tips.
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