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Pike Angling Fishing Tackle

By Kastking | 22 January 2018 | 0 Comments

Fishing for pike can be an exciting experience. Be sure to have the right fishing tackle along for the job.



My first pike fishing experience in Europe was one not soon forgotten.  On an overcast day, a backpack and one lure box was all I had as I went by foot around a lake in Germany. I chose a lure that would stand out in the murky water to bring out the fish. As I cast parallel along a shoreline of reeds, I soon learned why it is so much fun to fish for pike. My lure went right over a big pod of weed bed and instantly I saw disruption in the water as a male pike inhaled my lure. As I held that fish in my hand, I admired it and had the most amazing feeling. That fish to this day created an addiction to pike angling.


The fishing scene is full of bass tactics around the clock these days. This article will introduce you to a few things needed for beginners wishing to target a more aggressive species of fish called the pike or Esox Lucius. To increase your luck at fishing for pike, there are several things needed to make sure you are prepared for targeting them.

pike, fishing, lures, fishing tackle

Pike have sharp teeth and powerful jaws


Pike are a toothy critter, and can cause damage to your hands if handled the wrong way so the first thing always needed is a great, strong pair of pliers in order to de-hook this type of fish properly. When bitten or pierced by a pike’s teeth, amongt the rows of razor sharp teeth exists a type of bacteria that is kind of like an anticoagulant. If you are  bit this bacteria keeps the wound open for a period of time, so safe un-hooking should be practiced.  Pictured below is an example of the type of pliers you will need for pike.

fishing tackle, pliers

Long nose pliers should be an item in your fishing tackle box.


Next on the fishing tackle list is your lure selection for targeting pike.  You will want to use a simple array of lure choices such as larger spinnerbaits, swimbaits and even large flies work as well. Some examples of these are below. My focus is on causing as much vibration in the water as I can, which usually results in great catches.


spinner bait, fishing tackle, pike

The MadBite Dasher is a double-willow blade spinner bait.


fishing tackle, swimbaits

Swimbaits come in a variety of types


pike, fishing tackle, wire leader

Wire or fluorocarbon leaders are good additions to your tackle box for pike.

The next item on the list of needed fishing tackle items are leaders. They come in various sizes, lengths and material. My choice of leader is either wire coated steel leaders or hard mono leaders. I usually go for hard mono leaders as they provide a bit more safety for the fish when caught. Below is a good example of a hard mono leader. You can find these anywhere or choose to make them yourself.

Lastly you will need three more items to begin targeting pike. A rod, reel, and proper line. My personal choice is a 7 Ft heavy power KastKing Perigee Rod and an Ecooda Blackhawk 4000 spinning reel loaded with KastKing 20 lb moss green braid from www.eposeidon.com   These three items function great together and offer the power and precision to land those pike. Remember always practice safety while angling for pike and enjoy your time on the water. Fishing is always the greatest feeling. Good luck on the water.  Tight Lines!


fishing tackle, ecooda, blackhawk

The Ecooda Blackhawk is a fine tackle selection for pike.


 — By Chris Tuers

            Chris Tuers is a professional angler, outdoor enthusiast, photographer, writer, and team angler residing in Ohio. He enjoys photography, fishing, travel and supporting fellow veterans in his free time.




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