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North Carolina Shark Fishing

By Kastking | 22 January 2018 | 0 Comments

North Carolina shark fishing can range from bull sharks to black tip sharks and many other types of shark. Here’s a shark fishing story that isn’t about the one that got away.


If you’re an angler and have never been shark fishing, go ahead and put it on your bucket list. There is no other fish that gives you the rush that a shark will give. When a gray missile peels the line off your reel and the drag is screaming, your pulse quickens. I can now say, after a North Carolina shark fishing  “Shark Week” I have crossed catching a shark off my bucket list.


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North Carolina shark caught, photographed, and released

Our North Carolina shark trip was a successful one. All five guys in our group were able to hook up on a shark from shore. The biggest was a 7′ 1″ bull shark. We tried shark fishing the past few years without success.


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A North Carolina shark

On previous trips we had hooked into some sharks, but the leader or line seemed to break and we couldn’t get them on the beach. We came across KastKing braided fishing line at www.eposeidon.com and couldn’t believe the low price. We decided to give it a try. After all, we felt at that price we didn’t have a lot to lose.  Up until this time we had been paying for big brand names.


The first 2 sharks we caught were 5 foot+ black tips on 65 pound test KastKing braided fishing line and used a whole bluefish as bait. The very first shark my brother-in-law hooked into was 69 inches. It straightened the 10/0 hook on the end of his line.  Amazing! After that, I was sold on this KastKing fishing line. I mean if the hook fails before the line; I feel comfortable using the line. The next 3 sharks were caught using 80 pound KastKing braided line. One was a 7 foot 1 inch bull shark that put up a 2 hour fight against full drag. I will never forget that! The next 2 were both blacktip sharks more than 5 feet in length each. One of those I think set the record for fastest shark landed. It took my buddy 8 minutes to land his shark. That may not seem like much, but when you consider the bait was placed about 300 yards from shore and 5 minutes of that time was used trying to grab ahold of it in the surf, you can’t help but be a little amazed. The shark literally swam straight to shore. My buddy couldn’t keep up with it and thought he lost it multiple times when his line went slack.


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7 foot 1 inch bull shark caught with KastKing braided fishing line


Needless to say all 5 of us are now hooked on shark fishing and the only line that will be on our poles will be KastKing® Superpower braided line. We can’t say enough good things about it. Great product at a great price equals great memories. We will be back out soon North Carolina shark fishing with confidence.


The L.C. SHARK Fishing Team


  • By Julian Rich


In addition to North Carolina shark fishing adventures, Julian and his crew fish for bass, catfish, and many other freshwater species in his home state of Ohio. John Wehr also contributed to the story. All photos courtesy of Julian Rich.




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North Carolina shark fishing shark week.

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