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Lighted Hook Remover Added to Lineup of Night Fishing Tools

By Kastking | 08 January 2018 | 0 Comments

Unique lighted hook remover by MadBite with powerful LED lamp makes quick catch and release fishing after dark easier, safer fish hook removal for the fish and the angler. 


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MadBrite Lighted Hook Remover with ultra-bright LED bulb

MadBite, the fishing tools, electronics, and accessory division of Eposeidon, Inc. has added a lighted fishing hook remover as a companion item to their MadBite MadBrite Lighted Fishing Pliers introduced last week.


MadBite’s  Lighted Hook Remover features an 18000 millicandela LED bulb, stainless steel hook puller jaws, hard anodized aluminum frame in various colors and may be used for freshwater or saltwater fishing. In addition, these spring loaded lighted hook pullers feature ergonomic molded grips that do not hold odors or corrode.


MadBrite’s  LED bulb focuses directly on the work being done, which ensure a quicker, safer hook removal during nighttime fishing and eliminates the need to hold a separate flashlight.  MadBrite lighted hook removers use replaceable, readily available LR41 size batteries (included). The LED bulb draws little power for long battery life.


Fish hooks are removed by snatching the fish hook or fishing lure hook shank with the stainless steel jaws and with a squeeze and a twist of the wrist, the fish hook is safely out. They are suitable for fishing for toothy species fish and aid in quicker release.


madbrite hook puller, hook remover, fishing hook remover, fishing hook puller, fishing hook removal toolMadBite MadBrite Lighted Hook Removers come in two sizes — 34.5cm/13.6 inch and 24.5cm/9.7 inch. The longer 13.6 inch size weighs only 180 grams / 6.3 ounces and the 9.7 inch puller weighs 140 grams/ 4.9 ounces.


MadBite’s  Lighted Hook Removers have  an In-Store Retail Price of $38.98 and an On-Line Direct Discount Price of $26.98 for the 13.6 inch, while the 9.7 inch size has an In-Store Retail Price of $35.98 and an On-Line Direct Discount Price of $24.98.  They are available online in various colors at www.amazon.com/MadBite , www.Walmart.com, and other online retailers.


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Lighted Hook Remover has stainless steel jaws, hard anodized aluminum frame, 18,000 minicandella LED bul


About Eposeidon:


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