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Lessons from Losing “Mr. Big”

By Kastking | 22 January 2018 | 0 Comments

Whether it’s the pound test of your fishing line or your pounding heart, something may end up broken by that big one you’ll never forget.


Lessons from Losing “Mr. Big,” the One That Got Away


It’s hard for anyone to forget “the one” that got away…  Forget about the man or woman who broke your heart…  If you’re an angler, you don’t have any trouble forgetting lost loves; but, when a monster of a fish breaks your fishing line, it leaves you truly heart-broken.  You will never forget the feel of that fish on your line, no matter how hard you try to fight the memories of it.  You’ll never forget that moment when your fishing line broke, the feeling of overwhelming disappointment, as your dreams and hopes all swam off.


For me, that moment was the summer of 2012.  I am haunted by a fish I never saw but which I fought for what seemed like the eternity.  In reality, it was probably only 10-15 minutes, maybe slightly more; but they were the longest moments of my life.  The fight left me physically sore for a couple of days, while the memory has left me eternally sore.


I was on a charter down in Key West with my then boyfriend, and I had been doing well, out-fishing everyone on the boat with yellowtail.  Suddenly, I hooked up with something which felt much bigger and much stronger than the yellowtail that I had been catching.  It took my line; and just when I felt I was making progress, getting my monster of a fish in closer, it would take my line again.  This continued for a little while before eventually breaking my fishing line—and my heart!


When something like that happens, you immediately question what you could have done differently.  What can you do when fighting a larger fish?


  • Before you go fishing, be sure that you have line in a test that you feel confident will help you land “Mr. Big.” After my experience in Key West, I put a higher pound/test  fishing line on my reel that I use when fishing for larger species of fish.  Granted, I don’t have a lot of experience with big fish. If you are a more experienced angler, this may not matter, as you may have the skills and technique which will allow you to successful reel in a larger fish even on a lower test line.


KastKing high-performance 80 lb. test braided 8-strand fishing line

KastKing high-performance 80 lb. test braided 8-strand fishing line is a better choice for big fish.




  • It may also help to have a harness, when fighting a large fish, such as the AFTCO Maxforce II Stand-Up Harness or the AFTCO Maxforce I Stand-Up Harness, which are both sold by Eposeidon.com. A harness will provide you with additional support and leverage and will allow you to apply and maintain pressure on a fish.


fishing line AFTCO Maxforce  Stand-Up Harness

AFTCO Maxforce II Stand-Up Harness



  • Additionally, when fighting a larger fish, beware of your technique, as this was part of my mistake. Be sure that you are using smooth motions when reeling in the fish and allow the fish to run when it is to your advantage (though not all environments may allow for this).


ecooda hornet spinning reel eposeidon

Ecooda Hornet spinning reel from Eposeidon equipped with carbon fiber drag washers for fighting big fish



  • Be sure to have a quality reel in good condition with smooth drag. Carbon fiber drags are best for fighting big fish as they will stand up to long runs without overheating. They also have more drag than standard drag washers, which allows you to take advantage of your higher .lb/ test fishing line.



Even after all of this, “Mr. Big” might still get away.  You might still end up with your line and your heart broken.  Don’t be hard on yourself.  The lure of “the one that got away” is what keeps us going, what motivates us in our fishing endeavors.  Perhaps, the next one will be that very fish that got away; or, perhaps, it will be one that is bigger!  All you can do is keep casting.  Don’t let the disappointment keep you down.  Re-rig your fishing line and get back out there.


— By Susanne Kerrigan


fishing line susanne kerrigan

Author, Susanne Kerrigan


A single mother, library director, and former runway model, Susanne is an avid outdoors-woman, who not only has been fishing, off and on, since she was a child but has fishing in her blood.  She fishes some of the same rivers and bays that their ancestors fished generations ago.  Susanne enjoys both freshwater and saltwater fishing.




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