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Kayak Fishing World Record

By Kastking | 24 August 2018 | 0 Comments

Kayak fishing alone in cold,1,600 foot deep water nearly a mile off Andörja Island, Norway, Swedish fisherman Joel Abrahamsson broke the record for the biggest fish caught from a kayak.


The Greenland shark hooked by Abrahamsson, with a probable weight of 1,247 lbs. (566 kilos) was thought to be around 200 years-old. He was targeting Greenland sharks, which are rare. Only about 10-15 are caught each year in that region.


Abrahamsson struggled for over an hour and a half to bring the massive shark to his 13-foot kayak. His conventional reel was set to 50 lbs. of drag and he used coalfish baits weighing 8 lbs. The kayak angler did have several strikes before finally setting the hook.


With Abrahamsson were marine scientists and a camera crew to film the event. Abrahamsson caught the shark as part of a study on the species conducted by Havfiskeinstitut Norge. Greenland sharks are protected from fishing by commercial fishermen and recreational anglers may only use a rod and reel.


“The fish is not a spectacular fighter, but it is a fish that constantly tugs its head down and keeps slowly pulling, making it impossible to ever stop winding,” Abrahamsson  told Kayak Fishing Magazine. “So I put the reel in low gear and just grind the fish upwards.”


Bringing in a shark that size would be a challenge for any small boat with a crew on board.  Going after a Greenland shark, which typically weigh over 1,000 lbs. while kayak fishing is extraordinary.


Abrahamsson added, “The fight was just [grueling] and extremely heavy. A few times it got a bit gnarly. I was scared of going over.”


“We had a time limit of under five minutes to get it back unharmed,” Abrahamsson said. “I was not allowed to handle it or secure it to my kayak.” That is actually a good thing. An interesting note about Greenland sharks is their skin is toxic to humans.  They are confirmed. The science crew did measure and release the shark unharmed in less than 5 minutes.  It was 13.2 feet long with a girth of 6.6 feet.


There are no official records kept for fish caught and released by kayak fishers. Most anglers agree Abrahamsson’s catch is an unofficial world record for kayak fishing. Prior to his more than half-ton shark, the biggest fish caught from a kayak was a 400 lb. salmon shark in Alaska in 2008. Andy Cho in Hawaii caught the biggest fish by kayak that was officially weighed, a 225 lb. blue marlin.


What does the 33 year-old Swede have his sights set on next?


“My next dream is to catch a 225-pound Atlantic halibut,” he said. We have to believe that’s by kayak fishing.




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