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KastKing Fishing Rods Enter the Catfish Rod Market with Two High-Tech Models

By KastKing | 18 July 2018 | 4 Comments
KastKing used advanced engineering, design, and superior components to create their exceptional, yet affordable KatTech and KastKat catfish fishing rods.

(For Immediate Release - June 25, 2018 - Garden City, Long Island, NY) KastKing (www.kastking.com) a brand of Eposeidon, Inc., based in New York has brought two new exciting innovative rods to the world of catfishing.
Two models, the KastKing KatTech™ and the KastKing KastKat™cover an array of techniques and tactics for pursuing all species of catfish including giant blue catfish reaching 100 lbs. KastKing released the KatTech™ and KastKat™ casting and spinning rods after extensive development and testing.
Al Noraker, Director of Product Development at KastKing and designer of the rods says, "Catfish tournaments are growing quickly in the USA. Serious catfish anglers across the country are looking for every advantage possible in landing world-record catfish. KastKing is proud to introduce the new KatTech™ series of tournament catfish rods! These lightweight yet powerful rods are made specifically to handle these goliaths and ensure that anglers have the best possible equipment to win a big tournament."
KastKing KatTech catfish tournament professional level rods, with three sizes in spinning and nine casting sizes ranging from medium to heavy power, are built to be powerful and lightweight with specialized graphite composite blanks, Fuji guides with SiC rings, Fuji reels seats, custom rubber cork handles, and include chartreuse strike indicator tips
Composite Graphite/S-Glass Construction blanks used in KastKing KatTech™ series rods are designed specifically for tournament anglers seeking power, light weight, durability and sensitivity in a catfish rod. KatTech™ lightweight, powerful, composite blanks are made of a proprietary blend 24 Ton graphite combined with linear S-Glass for incredible strength and lifting power, but are light weight.
Fuji double footed MN extreme load guide frames with SiC rings used on the KastKing a KatTech™ are are designed specifically for use with heavy braid fishing lines. KastKing also lists Fuji DPS and ECS reinforced reel seats for KatTech™ for durability in extreme conditions.
KatTech Composite Blanks
KastKing KatTech™ uses custom rubber cork handles for slip resistance and easy removal from rod holders. All model rods have a large fore grip for added leverage and an oversized fighting butt that offer more leverage for landing large fish. An added feature is the KastKing bright chartreuse "Strike Tip" strike indicator for early strike detection in low light conditions.
"As an avid cat fisherman with more than twenty years of catfishing experience under my belt, and now pursuing the largest of blue catfish and fishing catfish tournaments I have used almost every catfishing rod on the market from the high-end rods to the cheaper brands," says Robert Tallman in Grapevine, Arkansas who founded AACH (Arkansas Area Catfish Hunters) in 1995, which now boasts almost 2,000 members. "But, none of them has compared to the quality , durability, and the performance I get out of the new KastKing KastTech and KastKat rods, which I have been field testing since December. These are the only rods I will now use and trust in my boat against the biggest of blue cats."
KastKing's new KastKat catfish rods for recreational catfishing offered in three spinning and seven casting sizes are built with 100% Linear S-Glass which offers incredible strength and lifting power, stainless steel double foot line guides, a cross wrapped non-slip handle, strong reel seats, and orange strike indicator tips.
"100% Linear S-Glass construction in the KastKing KastKat series rods offer a powerful, durable blank for incredible strength to weight ratio and lifting power that are perfect for big catfish," says Noraker who has been designing high performance fishing rods for decades. "The KastKat is perfect for the everyday angler and can be used all day long with confidence in all situations. We tipped the rods with bright orange strike indicators that make it easier to see tip movement in dim light.
"We used stainless steel double foot guides on KastKat. We know that these big fish can put a lot of pressure on fishing gear, so we use only stainless steel double foot guides with stainless rings that will hold up over time and deliver uncompromising performance and durability. And, yes, these rods could be used on other large species.
"For reels seats we used reinforced nylon. They are extra strong and hold large reels securely in place even under extreme pressure. Casting models feature a power trigger to improve grip strength and leverage. They work perfectly in conjunction with the crossed wrapped EVA handles on the KastKat."
Kevin-Scott van Vlijmen, a catfishing enthusiast in New Jersey who is the host of a YouTube channel dedicated to catfishing, Kevin's Catterman Adventures, says, "Never before has the catfishing industry seen such a quality catfish rod for such a great price. Both the KatTech and KatKast are going to change the catfish rod game... forever. "
KastKing KatTech™ and KastKing KastKat™ catfish fishing rods will initially be available through Amazon.com.  KastKing KatTech has an online selling price of $69.98 to $ 89.98  based on size, while the KastKat on line discount selling price is $49.98 to $59.98.

    This video shows dead lift testing of the KatTech blank. 
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