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Introduction to Eposeidon Fishing Line Color Descriptions

By Kastking | 26 March 2018 | 0 Comments

Eposeidon SuperPower Color Descriptions

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Choose the right color fishing line to match water color and conditions


Marine Blue:

Blue Braid Fishing Line From Eposeidon.com

SuperPower’s Marine Blue was designed for use in clear water situations. What makes the Marine Blue special is how easily the fisherman can see the line on the water’s surface, while at the same time blending in with the water, making it difficult to be seen by the fish underwater. With Marine Blue SuperPower, you never lose sight of your line and the fish never see you coming. Marine blue is ideal for any clear water situations, from the many oceans around the globe, the great lakes, and the deep gin-clear reservoirs of the western US.


Low-Vis Gray:


Gray Braid Fishing Line From Eposeidon.com

SuperPower’s Low-Vis Gray is the best color option for most fishing situations. From open water to thick cover, the Low-Vis gray remains nearly undetectable to fish. Low-Vis Gray blends to match most water conditions from clear open oceans to muddy rivers. You can use the same reel spooled with SuperPower Low-Vis gray to catch Spanish Mackerel in clear water oceans one day and Giant Flathead Catfish in muddy inland rivers the next.




Multicolor Braid Fishing Line From Eposeidon.com

When anglers are fishing techniques that require precision length and depth control, like trolling, back-trolling, or jigging suspended fish, Eposeidon’s Multicolored SuperPower Braid should be their #1 choice for line. SuperPower’s Multicolored braid changes color every 10m or 11 yards from yellow, purple, green, orange, to blue; repeating every 50m. Yellow, purple, and blue offer tremendous visibility for the angler. Underwater, red, blue, and green make perfect low-visibility tie off points for shallow and open water applications. When you need precise and accurate depth control, you need SuperPower Multicolored braid.


Moss Green:


Green Braid Fishing Line From Eposeidon.com

Eposeidon SuperPower Braid in Moss Green is a great choice for any water type, from crystal clear oceans, to murky river systems, and everything in between. Moss Green is the absolute best choice for anglers fishing in and around aquatic vegetation or in bodies of water that often experience algae blooms. The Moss Green color has a “vanishing” effect as it blends into the natural colors of the surrounding water.  All SuperPower Braid allows anglers to pull fish out of the thickest vegetation they can find with unmatched power, Moss Green SuperPower allows them to do so with incredible stealth. When using Moss Green SuperPower, the angle has an advantage over the fish.   


Hi-Vis Yellow:


Yellow Braid Fishing Line From Eposeidon.com

SuperPower’s Hi-Vis Yellow is a great color choice for a number of fresh and saltwater applications. The Hi-Vis yellow makes keeping track of the line and detecting bites extremely easy for anglers. When fishing stained water or for species that are not line-shy, such as catfish, Hi-Vis yellow is the perfect option. When fishing clearer water or for species that are line-shy, a fluorocarbon leader is the best option. The Hi-Vis Yellow combined with the fluorocarbon leader offers the high visibility for the angler, extreme sensitivity, unmatched power, and zero stretch of braid, but at the same time the invisibility of fluorocarbon near the bait.

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