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How to Choose a Fishing Rod

By Kastking | 27 March 2018 | 0 Comments

Choosing a Fishing Rod

If you know what kind of fish you’re going to be fishing for and if you have an idea of what type of lures you’ll be using, choosing a fishing rod is an easy process. There are several types of fishing rods, from fly rods to spinning rods to deep-sea rods. Each one is used for a specific type of fishing.


 Step 1:

Decide whether you are fishing for salt water fish like redfish, striped bass, cobia, or tarpon, warmwater fish like largemouth bass and catfish, or cold water fish like trout and char.


Step 2:

If you’re fishing for salt water fish you’ll want a fairly stout fishing rod, whether you choose a spinning rod (line guides on the bottom of the rod) or a baitcasting rod (line guides on the top) or deep sea rod (a short, heavy rod used for very large fish like marlin and tuna)

 Manufacturers will print what size line and lures will work on the rod.

Step 3:

Once you’ve decided on which species of fish you are going to target, decide on a length for the rod. 

A longer fishing rod allows longer casts and in the case of fly rods, more control over the line. A longer rod may also give you more leverage and accuracy, but will not give you the power that a short, heavy rod can produce.

Step 4:


Once you’ve settled on a type and length, consider what type of reel you are going to use. 

A “baitcaster” is a revolving spool reel where the line lies horizontally on the reel and the cast is controlled with your thumb as the line is released and the lure or bait cast into the water. A “spinning reel” is easier to use for most anglers and holds the line in a spool that allows the line to come off one end of the spool when cast. The spinning reel will not make a “birds nest” if you do not precisely control the line during the cast, but the line can become tangled when using lures that may spin when retrieved in the water such as a Rooster Tail or Mepps spinner lure.


Step 5:

Once you have your rod selected by fish species, length, and reel type you only need to consider how much money you are willing to spend. 

fishing rod can run anywhere from around $10 for a cane pole with no reel to thousands of dollars for the best and biggest saltwater gear. The best thing to do is visit a sporting goods store that has plenty of rods (and reels) that you can handle and see in person.





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