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Holy Mackerel! It's What's for Dinner

By Kastking | 22 January 2018 | 0 Comments

This mackerel story ends up being a whale of a tale. Beware of frozen fish from a fishing buddy!


Growing up in Queens, New York in the 70’s to 80’s my father Ben, my older brother Pete, and I had decent access to some good urban saltwater fishing.  At the time, most of our fishing was done from rented row boats, bridges, or the surf line.  However, Pete was eventually making enough money to purchase a 22-ft Aquasport Family Fisherman. Oh what a happy day in the Mikoleski household that was.  Pete and I looked at the boat as a gateway to the fishing grounds we could never previously reach.   After a couple of seasons of having success with inshore species, our sights soon were shifted to fishing a little bit more offshore in hopes of landing mako sharks.


We fished a lot on this Aquasport, and often there would be bait left over after a day on the water. So, Pete and I kind of took over the top half of the extra refrigerator that was located in the garage.  My father hated when we did this.  It’s not like we stuffed the freezer so tight with bait that the door wouldn’t shut.  No, we just put some left over squid or sand eels in the freezer to be used on our next trip on the briny.  However, my Dad would constantly rail on us with, “Get that crap out of there…it stinks.”


Well anyways, I remember one summer day helping Pete carefully rigging up a big Boston mackerel to use for bait on a future shark trip. Pete had bought the mackerel at a bait shop a month before, and had let it defrost fully before working on the bait that day.  When Pete was finished sewing up the now rigged mackerel the bait was an impressive looking specimen that I was sure was going to fool a monster mako.  Pete had done a nice job rigging and the bait now had the business end of a 12/0 shark hook sticking out from the mackerel’s anal vent.  In addition, streaming out of the mackerels mouth was 15-ft of wire leader that Pete neatly coiled and secured with a couple of wire tires.  I watched Pete put the mackerel into a plastic bag. He put the bait back into the freezer, ready for action on our next shark trip; whenever that may be.



double rigged mackerel

A double rigged Boston mackerel


A few weeks later my mother, Regina, came up to me in the living room. Fresh from her bi- weekly visit to  the hairdresser, she handed me that same 12/0 hook and 15-ft of neatly coiled wire line.


I looked at it, and with a cocked eyebrow asked my mom, “What’s this?”


“Oh, that’s the hook from the fish your father gave me to give to the girl who does my hair.”


“Really, where did he get the fish from?”


“He got it out of the garage freezer…as usual the stink was bothering him.”


I said, “He said it was stinking, so he decided to give it to you, to give to the girl who does your hair?


“Does that make any sense to you?


Mom just looked at me, and shrugged her shoulders.


“So how was it?” I asked.


“She said it was a little fishy tasting, but other than that it was pretty good.”


I just giggled, shook my head, and took the hook and wire back to the rigging table.  Never again would I ever eat any fish from our freezer.  It was fresh or nothing for me.  I also told all my neighbors and friends to beware of any frozen fish from my dad.



By — Captain Tom Mikoleski


Captain Tom Mikoleski is the successful fishing charter captain of the Grand Slam who sails out of Montauk, NY for trophy striped bass, doormat fluke, jumbo porgies, humpback sea bass, and monster sharks. Captain Tom is the author of Bass Buff — A Striper Fishing Obsession Guide.





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