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Have a Crappie Fishing Day

By Kastking | 24 August 2018 | 0 Comments


Crappie is among the most popular sport fish in the United States.They are well-known by different names including sac-a-lait, white perch, paper-mouth and calico bass. Crappie is one of the most sought after to catch because of its great taste. Their white flesh is one of the most tasteful fresh water fish.

Let’s discuss basic facts. There are two different species of crappie, white and black crappie. Crappie are closely related to the family of sunfishes and black basses.

The best way to distinguish black from white crappie is to consider their dorsal fin spines. Black crappie usually has 7-8 spines and white crappie typically have 6 spines. Distinguishing the two species by its color is not a reliable method. Black crappie has uneven dark speckles and streaks on their sides. White crappies have lighter colors and have unique vertical bars which can be seen at their sides. It’s hard to distinguish the two species during the spawn, since both of them become darker in appearance.

Crappies are found in lakes and along river banks throughout the country, during their reproduction season, that is the spring season, it is also the best time to catch lots of them. Crappie fish are usually somewhat fertile as they reproduce fast in a specific period of time. Crappie populations are cyclical and unpredictable and are plenty in size. Crappie usually feeds from dusk to dawn and they like eating crustaceans, minnows, insects and small fish. They can reach their size from 12 to 18 inches long.

Ultralight spinning tackles from cane poles are best used to caught with most kinds of crappies. You can use live bait for crappie from medium-size to min. Artificial lures of various kinds such as small spinners ranging from 1/32 to 1/8 ounce is recommended for use.

Crappie are tasteful and can be cooked a different ways. Bigger crappie is good for filleted while small crappie can be filleted or gutted and scaled. Crappie fish can be cook in hot oil and fry it for several minutes. It can also be baked, fried, or sautéed to experience the variety taste of it.

The best crappie lure is the one that catches the most fish! Many fishermen find a crappie lure that works for them in one area and then stick with that lure every time. But crappie move around because they like to vary their diets – so you will want to vary your crappie lures. If you want to see the best crappie lures then you can see crappie fishing videos on many popular sites such as Youtube.

Crappie prefer live food and have been known to bypass lures that resemble dead food, so make sure that the crappie lure you use looks as much like a live minnow as possible. You may also want to keep the lure active – again so that it looks like a live minnow. Although if you are fishing in a river with a good current you may be able to let the water do the work.


Using a bright colored lure is also a good idea with crappie, as they have excellent color vision a crappie lure that catches their eye may be just the thing to interest them and make them bite. Chartreuse works well for crappies.

Crappy are also a smaller fish with a fragile mouth so you will want to use ¼ oz or smaller sizes of pan fishing lures. A popular lure especially for beginning anglers or children is the Fish N Spin. This lure is primarily a crappie lure and is also good for catching bluegill, but it has also caught a wide variety of fish. You do not need to use any special or fancy techniques with this lure, just throw it out there and reel it in nice and slow.

SOURCE: crappie.net



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