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Getting Kids to Fish

By Kastking | 22 January 2018 | 0 Comments

Taking kids fishing can be a daunting task… until they get hooked.


A Fish Out of Water: The Child Reluctant to Fish


Any parent who fishes looks forward to the day that they can share their love of fishing with their child.  As an angler, you look forward to hooking your child up with their first fish, seeing the excitement on their face, as you help their little hands reel in their first catch.  And there is nothing like the pride you feel in that moment, whether it’s a nice size bass or even the smallest blue-gill.


Some children have a natural draw towards fishing, whether from watching fishing programs on TV or from watching their family members enjoy the sport.  Still, other children need a little motivation, something to help stimulate their interest in fishing.  As a parent, it is challenging because you want share your interests with your child; but, at the same time, you do not want to force your child to do anything that they do not truly enjoy.  It’s only natural that, as a parent, if you love fishing—or any other hobby you may have—that you want to share in the enjoyment of this activity with your children and want them to become as passionate about it as you.  What do you do, though, if your child is reluctant to try fishing?


kids fishing

Your kids can learn to love fishing


One way to motivate kids to fish is to purchase them their very own pole. There are a variety of kids combos on the market for children.  Eposeidon offers a variety of rod and reel combos for children, including ones from Shakespeare and Eagle Claw, some of which are available for less than $10.


Kids are often attracted to kids combos that feature some of their favorite characters, such as Tinker Bell, Spiderman, Barbie or Star Wars, just to name a few.  Aside from the appeal of the colors and characters they feature, these rods are smaller and feature easy-to-use spincast reels.


Sometimes fishing competitions and local fishing events for children are another great way to motivate children and get them interested in fishing.  Professional anglers and instructors are often on-hand at these events and may provide your child with some extra motivation as well.  The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation’s (RBFF)’s “Take Me Fishing” page, available at http://takemefishing.org, is a great resource.  During National Fishing and Boating Week, most states off free fishing days, which are listed on the RBFF’s page.  (Eposeidon sometimes sponsors such events.)

kids combos kits

There are many kids combo kits



While you may want to teach your child all of your fishing tips and techniques, be sure that you do not overwhelm them with too much information.  It’s easy for us to forget that sometimes.  In time, your child will be ready to develop and build upon their fishing techniques and skills.  Initially, just work on developing and growing their interest in the sport and show them how much fun it is to fish and how you can enjoy each other’s company while doing it, whether you are catching fish or not.


kids fishing combo

This youngster is proud of his fishing accomplishment!



As with anything, you must be careful and know the difference between guiding and encouraging your child and knowing when to back off.  If your child is reluctant and shows resistance towards your efforts to instill an enjoyment in fishing in them, don’t force it.  In time, your child may come around.  Regardless of what they decide, support their decision… Perhaps they will share your passion for fishing, but may be they won’t.  But, let your children decide for themselves if fishing is for them.


–  by Susanne Kerrigan


A single mother, library director, and former runway model, Susanne is an avid outdoors-woman, who not only has been fishing, off and on, since she was a child but has fishing in her blood.  She fishes some of the same rivers and bays that their ancestors fished generations ago.  Susanne enjoys both freshwater and saltwater fishing. 






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