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Get in Shape for Fishing Fitness

By Kastking | 22 January 2018 | 0 Comments

Fishing fitness is important in several ways, whether reducing injury or improving performance.


As anglers, we spend hours upon hours on the water.  Sometimes the water is flat calm and the boat traffic is minimal.  But, as most anglers will agree, those days are few and far between.  First, we beat ourselves up running to our first spot in the morning, running through the wakes of other boats, or being battered by wind-blown waves.  We all know that it’s not easy to fish when we are in pain.  When we have nagging injuries, or lack fishing fitness, no matter how hard we try, our minds wander from fishing to those trouble areas.


Then we stand on the front of the boat, often unevenly, with one foot on the trolling motor pedal.  We’re battered by waves and boat wakes most of the day.  We also spend most of the day repeating the same motions – the same casts, the same hook sets.  We are definitely candidates for repetitive motion injuries.  There is no doubt that fishing can cause several physical problems for anglers.  We’ve all heard about pro anglers who have has back surgery or who have needed to go under the knife to repair shoulders, knees, elbows, and other almost any other joints in the body.

fishing, fitness, fishing fitness

Fishing can be demanding


This is where fishing fitness comes in.  Anglers can benefit from stretching exercises, some toning exercises, and even cardio workouts.  Special emphasis should be put on the muscles that pull on joints such as the elbows and shoulders.  Angler’s Elbow (akin to Tennis Elbow) is becoming more prevalent, and once it starts, it difficult to get it to reverse without surgery.  Once those tendons start to tear, they can be difficult to repair.  The same can be said with many other injuries.


So, the point, then, would be to make sure those conditions do not develop to begin with.    When exercising, anglers should look for endurance training, even with weights, rather than large amounts of weight.  We need to be able to fish for a full 8 hours of a tournament, or for the full day of a charter trip.  We don’t need to lift a whole refrigerator, but we need to lift that quart of milk six hundred times per day.  So, we need not be as concerned with the amount of weight we are using in any given exercise as much as the number of reps we do.


Balance and core-strengthening exercises are great for anglers, too.  Most anglers are amazed how much easier it is to stand on the deck of a boat all day when they’ve taken the time to improve their balance and core strength for fishing fitness in the off season.  Many are surprised, when they start to do balance building exercises, how off balance they really are.  Core strength will also help with balance.


It should come as no surprise that back exercises are also very beneficial to anglers.  By halfway through the day, many of our backs start to ache and cause us a lot of discomfort.  Strengthening exercises can help to alleviate those problems.  And back stretches can help ease the pain of long runs across the lake or out to do some deep sea fishing in rough conditions.


fishing fitness, fishing, fitness,

Fishing fitness can be necessary for occasional heavy lifting


An angler’s body takes a beating, and he or she should make sure to do whatever possible to ease fishing-related injuries.  Any exercise is better than no exercise, and workouts can be as individualized as each angler.  For those looking for a good starting point fishing fitness, though, Troy Lindner has some great videos with workouts for every problem area for anglers on his Website Fit4Fishing.


No matter what type of exercise we do as anglers for fishing fitness, it is sure to help us be more comfortable on the water.  Once we get in shape and do the proper exercises and stretches, those nagging injuries and soreness will be a thing of the past.  We will be able to fish hard all day long and feel much better overall.


 — By Beckie Joki


Beckie Joki is an avid bass fisherman in Northern Wisconsin. She has an eye on conservation and the environment as it relates to all types of fishing. She is a member of the Hodag Bassmasters, and is a member of the Shawano Red Nek Bass Busters. She understands the importance of maintaining fisheries and looks to get younger generations into the sport of fishing. Beckie writes regularly for the Northern Wisconsin Fishing Examiner.




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