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Fluke Fishing Tips for Doormats

By Kastking | 23 January 2018 | 0 Comments

Fluke fishing season is right around the corner.  Check out these fluke fishing tips from a pro for catching doormat fluke.


Fluke, aka summer flounder, are one of the most popular fish in the sea for bottom fishermen to target.  An angler can have a grand time fluke fishing on a summer day by just casually drifting and dreaming while catching a fish here and there.  However, big fluke, or doormats 8-pounds and larger, are very popular with anglers that take fluke fishing just a little more serious than most.  Doormat fluke are both cunning, and rare, and this results in a great challenge for a dedicated core of fluke fishing sharpies.


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Current IGFA world record for fluke fishing caught off Montauk, Long Island, NY by the late Charlie Nappi. This doormat fluke weighed in at a 22.7-pounds.

The late Charlie Nappi caught the current IGFA world record fluke, of 22.7-pounds off Montauk in 1975.  A monster fluke of 23.4-pounds was caught fishing off New Jersey a few years back, but this fish did not pass muster to be awarded an IGFA qualified catch.


I personally have caught 4-fluke over 10-pounds, and I can assure you, when a big one comes within netting range, it is a sight that is sure to get the heart thumping.  A friend of mine, Bob Petersen, has landed the biggest fluke so far on my boat, the Grand Slam, and 4-hours after being landed this behemoth pulled the scale down to 13.65-pounds,.  When I first saw this fish appear from the depths, I was stunned by its girth and length. I’m pretty sure that fluke was over 14-pounds at the moment I slipped it into the net.


Fluke fishing can be a challenge and catching big fluke is always a challenge. If you want to consistently land big fluke, it’s best to pay close attention to the little things in both the bait and fishing tackle presentations.  When I know there is a good chance that big fluke are in the area I use a simple 3-way rig.  My main line goes direct to a medium sized 3-way swivel.  I add on a 3 to 4-foot leader of 40-pound fluorocarbon with a 5/0 beak hook tied to the terminal end of the leader.  The final eye of the 3-way swivel gets a 6-inch monofilament sinker loop that I attach the lightest sinker I can use in order to keep contact with the bottom.


fluke fishing, fluke, doormat, tips, fishing

The results of a successful fluke fishing outing

Fresh bait is key for fluke fishing.  So, when baiting up, I use fresh local squid whenever I can get it.  I slice the squid into thin, pennant shaped strips of about 6 to 8-inches in length.  If fresh squid is not available, I will use strip baits from other fish such as bluefish, sea robins, or from a just caught keeper fluke.  I always remove some of the meat from the strip, in order to make the bait somewhat more streamlined.  Always, only hook the strip bait one time through the very end of the wider end of the strip.  DON’T wrap the strip onto the hook several times this kills the fluttering action that big fluke find very enticing.  I always combo my strip baits up with a large spearing or sand eel.  Before dropping my rig to the bottom I place my hooked bait in the water, and watch it for a few seconds to make sure it looks nice and natural while drifting.


Don’t expect a wallop of a strike when a big fluke takes the bait.  Most times big fluke just mouth the bait, and glide along with the drift. However, you should be able to feel an added weight on the end of the line.  Upon this sensation it’s important to drop back some line to let the (hopefully big) fluke swallow the bait. Do this quickly by free spooling about 20-feet of line, once done, lock up the reel and count to 10.   Then point the rod tip at the water, and begin a slow lift towards the sky.   At some point, the fishing rod tip will bend from the weight of the fluke on the other end. When this happens attempt a hook set with a quick flick of the wrist.  Hopefully, everything has been done correctly on your fluke fishing trip, and now a doormat is thumping at the end of the line.

 By  —  Capt. Tom Mikoleski

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Bass Buff by Capt. Tom Mikoleski

Captain Tom Mikoleski is the successful fishing charter captain of the Grand Slam who sails out of Montauk, NY for trophy striped bass, doormat fluke, jumbo porgies, humpback sea bass, and monster sharks. Capt. Tom is the author of Bass Buff — A Striper Fishing Obsession Guide.

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