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Fishing Therapy

By Kastking | 22 January 2018 | 0 Comments

An angler’s refection about what fishing can do for the heart, mind, and soul. 


We all have the everyday grind or routines that we are used to as anglers; from a hard day’s work to a horrible day at the office. Anglers always tend to escape those stresses of everyday life in one way, fishing! Fishing is an eco-therapeutic way of letting out those stresses and mentally getting back on a nice level. I have endured several events in my life that have led me to believe fishing is my true therapy in life. We all have different characters or mentalities that make us who we are. Fishing provides a way of getting away from those bad things in life, which make life sometimes unbearable.


Fishing is a fun therapeutic way to rid one’s self from the stresses of life.

Fishing is a fun therapeutic way to rid one’s self from the stresses of life.


As a kid life for me was never the greatest, but I always found time for fishing. It cures the soul in such amazing ways. It could be from that fresh breath of air looking at a lake to the wind in your face aboard a boat. As anglers we often forget the basic beauty of nature and focus primarily on fishing  alone. Let me paint a picture for you that will open your eyes to fishing in another light. Consider this a new experience to try the next time you head out on the water.  It will change your life and increase your overall happiness.



Fishing is the best form of therapy anyone could ever ask for

Fishing is the best form of therapy anyone could ever ask for


A basic day on the water for me consists of more than just catch and release. If I am backpacking with two rods in hand and venturing into discovering new honey holes or stalking certain species of fish, I always take the time to think about many problems I may have and realize that fishing takes them all away. Even if it’s only for a day. I think about family, money, where my fishing career may take me, and how those things affect life. You could think about how you dislike being in an office or how your boss will not get off your back. All of that goes away when you fish. It is like speaking a language that no one can ever learn because each of us learns it in a different way. This fishing language is an art form.  It is a fun therapeutic way to rid one’s self from the stresses of life.


There is always something about being outdoors that calms the soul. It can be calming, or crazy exciting. Either way, you are out there and your mind is free. Take each day as a blessing and utilize this resource to make your lives a better place, all while doing what we all love and that’s fishing. Fishing can fill your stomach, educate you, or bring you the best joy in life. We love this passion and hands down, it is the best form of therapy anyone could ever ask for. Get out on the water, let out all the bad and absorb the good in life because we only live once. Let’s make it the best we can by doing what we truly love to do… Go fishing!

— By Chris Tuers


Chris Tuers is a professional angler, outdoor enthusiast, photographer, writer and team angler residing in Ohio. He enjoys photography, fishing, travel and supporting fellow US military veterans in his free time.




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