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Fishing Tackle Storage on Kayaks

By Kastking | 22 January 2018 | 0 Comments

Keep it simple in your kayak when it comes to fishing tackle storage.


A clutter free area while you are kayak fishing may take a beginner a while to master.  It can take more than one trip to realize exactly what you might need on the water. Are you going to need five fishing rods and reels? Ten tackle boxes? Do you need a cooler for your daily catch, or only a stringer? Knowing what to take on any given kayak fishing trip is a skill built over time. Start with this simple tip of fishing tackle management to give yourself a better head start.


fishing tackle, kayak

Keep your fishing tackle organized when kayak fishing


What is fishing tackle management? In a nutshell it is having the right tool for the job.  And, I will go a step further and add ready accessible. Professional anglers have all of their gear nicely organized. When it comes time to use it they know exactly where any particular item of their gear is and can get it in no time.



Kayak anglers are even more organized and efficient because of the lack of space they have to operate in. This is where time on the water ibn your kayak is the biggest factor in getting to know what works for you.



The key to catching fish out of a kayak , or anywhere for that matter, is simple. Have the right gear for the targeted species.  The specific gear you take is critical. Too much gear equals more risk. More fishing gear in your ‘yak means the risk of missing the fish and also losing gear if you flip. Not enough gear equals being underprepared and losing fish.



My solution is;  keep it simple and have an easy, readily accessible fishing tackle storage system. After my first few trips kayak fishing  I knew that I had to downsize. Taking too much gear ends up being s hassle. Tackle storage with a simple two-tiered tackle box is my solution. These double tiered boxes let me keep all of my go-to lures and fishing tackle easily organized and within easy reach.  I must also mention that  since they are double tiered they are very good space savers.


fishing tackle, plano, tray. kayak

Fishing tackle storage such as this Plano Specialty tray can keep your kayak organized.



I keep a fresh water double tiered fishing tackle box with soft plastics, hooks, weights and other favorite lures under my seat in my kayak. If your vessel does not allow this, then storing it behind you or in a hatch is another option. Get out on the water and see what works as the best solution for your setup.



I also keep the same type of fishing tackle box readily available for my trips to saltwater.  Again, I keep go-to lures, tackle, bait, corks, etc., within reach and readily accessible for when I need it. In addition to my tackle storage for the salty trips, I make sure I have a cooler or stringer available. This lets me keep my catch fresh until I get it on ice.



With a few trips under your belt you will start to figure out what works best for you. Every fisherman will make adjustments for their own needs and what works best for them.  I like this set-up but it works for me. If I have saved you time in trying to figure it out, then I think I have increased your chance of catching more fish. As I said, less time finding your fishing tackle equals more time catching fish.



— By Shane Coovert




Shane is an avid angler who fishes freshwater and saltwater in the Houston, Texas area. He is a member of Eposeidon’s Angler Support Staff, Team Eposeidon.  He most often fishes by kayak.





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