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Fishing Tackle Check Up for the Fall Run

By Kastking | 24 August 2018 | 0 Comments


September and October in the Northeast is an awesome time of the fishing season called the fall run.  This is the time of the season when action kicks into a higher gear not often seen during the rest of the season.  Insuring all fishing tackle is in good shape before the onslaught of migrating gamefish arrive for the fall run is a great idea that will make the next couple of months a much more enjoyable experience for you.  Personally, my fishing tackle has been going non-stop since mid-June, so it’s no secret to me that some of my gear will need attention.  This is the time when the fall run kicks into gear and the fishing for the various game fish that thrive in cool, clean, fertile water hits a feverish peak not often seen during the rest of the season.


Montauk Point located off the tip off Long Island is an area that attracts anglers from around the world who are eager to cash in on the fall fishing bounty of striped bass, bluefish, false albacore, fluke, sea bass, and porgies. The geographical location of Montauk puts it head and shoulders above many other famed fishing ports during the fall run. The last ice age blessed Montauk with a plethora of rocky reefs and boulder fields.  During the fall run these same structures attracts, and holds massive migrating schools of bait fish that are heading south before the arrival of winter. These hapless bait schools will often become trapped on a tidal basis by the swift currents that form and flow of Montauk because this is where Block Island Sound meets the Atlantic Ocean.  Game fish such as stripers, blues, and false albacore are also migrating to warmer climes, and will be aggressively feeding in the cool, clean, bait filled fall run waters to fatten up for their parallel southern migration.



The best of the action with migrating bass, blues, and albies will usually take place in the shadows of the famed Montauk Lighthouse.  This awesome fishing attracts scores of surf casters who basically live and breathe for the arrival of the annual famed fall run.  These hard core anglers come dressed to impress with specialized fishing tackle such as studded foot gear for grip on slippery rocks, wetsuits for warmth while wading, (or swimming) to a rocky perch, and 11-ft rods that can cast lures seemingly a country mile. When a surf blitz happens in daylight fishing tackle is sure to get a workout in conditions best described as pandemonium.  Scores of surf casters will appear out of nowhere in order to get within casting distance of surface feeding game fish.  That being said the more experienced surf anglers will do their best to avoid the crowds by hiking to the rocky shoreline to the west, or by simply fishing during night tides.


The boating anglers usually have more room to maneuver, but there are times when a surface blitz right off the light house pops up with stripers of all sizes crashing into huge bait schools and this is sure time when fishing tackle will see some abuse.  During a blitz it will often appear that one could hop from boat to boat for a mile from or more.  Truthfully, you won’t often find me in the middle of such a melee on my boat.  However, I can’t say I won’t be just a long cast away and observing all the madness both below and on top of the water that the famed fall fishing run is famous for.


A quick check list of your gear should be as follows: Line, drags, rod guides, fishing lures.



By this time of the season, if you fish as hard as I do, your line will definitely need some attention.  Spools will probably be shy of capacity and it never hurts to spool up any reels with some fresh line.  I feel braided line is the way to go for just about any fall run fishing.  Most anglers will do fine with 30-pound test Suffix or KastKing braided line.  Truthfully, one can go lighter, but why bother when the 30-pound line is so thin and strong.  In fact, I choose to go bigger, and spool most my reels with 50-pound line, so the choice is yours.


Check the reel drags, if they stick or bind, drag washers need to be replaced.  The fall run will see some big fish in the migration, and big fish will make you pay every time if the reel’s drag is not functioning properly. Wing it with crappy drags, and you’ll probably lose the fish you hoped to catch all season.


Today’s rod guides are pretty tough, but are not bullet proof.  Check guides to insure tips, and guide inserts are in good working order.  If a guide is a little bent, it’s not a big deal, but if the heat dissipating rod guide inserts are cracked or damaged you are going to lose fish.




The final fishing tackle check is the easiest to fix as it just requires stocking up on the hot lures for the month.  Chrome Diamond jigs is great imitators for sand eels and spearing, that are both high on game fish menus.  Rubber swimbaits in the MadBite series are awesome mimics of peanut bunker, snapper blues, and butterfish, all of which will be found as prime baits during the fall run that game fish will be feeding on.

— By Capt. Tom Mikoleski


Captain Tom Mikoleski is the successful fishing charter captain of the Grand Slam who sails out of Montauk, NY for trophy striped bass, doormat fluke, jumbo porgies, humpback sea bass, and monster sharks. Captain Tom is the author of Bass Buff — A Striper Fishing Obsession Guide




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