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Find Kayak Fishing Spots with Satellite Imagery

By Kastking | 22 January 2018 | 0 Comments

Here’s how to apply modern technology to kayak fishing.



There is a little secret of many fishermen who want to get a head start on their fishing trip. Satellite imagery and planning where to fish is the best advice new kayak fisherman can practice. The beautiful thing is you don’t even have to go kayak fishing to do this. Practicing looking at maps or satellite images in advance will aid you in finding that special spot. Not only will doing this allow you to find that school of reds in the landlocked marsh, knowing where to go will make humping your kayak through that marsh easier and really capture the “go anywhere” attitude veteran kayak fisherman grow to know.
Best advice for those seeking new fishing sites; get on the map images and figure it out for yourself. It is not that hard and the reward is too good not to. If you are not to tech savvy then old paper maps can work just the same. However getting the most current picture of the area you will be kayak fishing will give you the best idea of that area. It will also let you see the best route for getting there. Not many kayak anglers have GPS for navigation, so a simple landmark spot or chart plot works for getting you to your “spot.”



Nothing compares to seeing the images of our fishing spots from an aerial view.  Not only can you see hidden bodies of water, but you can also see the tidal movement at certain times of the year or the way the area changes from a drought. For instance, if you are searching an image that is a couple years old you will be looking what that particular area looked like at that time. The image could be from the fall, low tide, post hurricane etc. So seeing the different image can increase your chances of figuring out where the fish might be.



kayak fishing areas

Maps and charts can reveal a lot of info about potential kayak fishing areas


On any typical trip to a new fishing area I will go to Google Earth and look at the satellite imagery. Getting an overhead snapshot of the area lets me mentally plan out what I want to do. Do I want to fish the marsh area or target drains from the marshes? Are the fish going to be in deeper water or in the shallow depths? Combining the satellite imagery with tidal movement and other information I will then have a better battle plan for getting to the fish.



Don’t get me wrong, getting out on the water in my kayak and exploring is great. Going without a plan is a little more relaxing. You don’t have to worry about anything except staying afloat and getting back safely.  I utilize all the tools I can before I get out on the water when it comes time to really wanting to catch fish.


Simple 6 p’s: prior proper preparation prevents poor performance is a term my father-in-law uses. In kayak fishing it is totally true. The more prepared you are the better you will fish. You will not worry about location, tackle, tidal movement etc. if you already know ahead. Stay safe out there and remember that the more you know the faster your stringer will grow.



 — By Shane Coovert


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Author Shane Coovert, an avid kayak fisherman


Shane is an avid angler who fishes freshwater and saltwater in the Houston, Texas area. He most often fishes by kayak.




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