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Environmentally Friendly Kayak Fishing

By Kastking | 24 August 2018 | 0 Comments

Kayak Fishing can be some of the most environmentally friendly fishing an angler can undertake.  There are many reasons why people turn to this form of fishing.  Many understand the health benefits for themselves.  Obviously, paddling, whether by hand or foot, around a lake exerts more energy than standing on a trolling motor or sitting in a boat driving or idling across the lake.


Many are convinced that combining a lifelong love of fishing with some great health benefits cannot be wrong.  Paddling across even a small lake, whether with a traditional kayak oar or via a foot controlled system, has great health benefits.  Most people understand the benefits of cardiac exercise.   This can include stronger lungs and a stronger heart.  More blood and oxygen flows to muscles and extremities.  For those who exercise regularly, they know this transmits into many things including better sleep, feeling stronger, less joint pain, and an overall feeling of better health.  It has even been shown to have links to a stronger immune system.


While kayak fishing can be great for the angler, it’s also excellent for the environment.  For anglers, often the allure of this type of fishing is the call of smaller, more remote waters that are pristine and largely untouched.  Those waters are largely void of human contaminants by which larger bodies of water are inundated.  Many tournament anglers, for instance, do not fill their live wells anywhere near the launch ramp.  They know that the water there tends to contain more gas and oil than in other areas of the lake.


This makes sense, when it is broken down. At launch ramps on larger lakes, boats often idle, either to warm up or to wait for another angler to back the trailer into the water.  This will be the case in any body of water that allows gas engines onto it.  The overall environmental effects on larger bodies of water have not been determined to be incredibly hazardous, but this example does put fishing from a kayak into a different class from an environmental aspect.  Many smaller lakes and streams that could be changed somewhat by gas-powered motors will not feel those effects from this type of fishing.


Kayak fishing not only brings the angler closer to the water and the fish, but it can also bring one closer to oneself.   At some point, almost everyone likes to be alone with their thoughts.  With the almost silent nature of this form of fishing, that is possible.  This truly is an excellent way to spend time, to center oneself, and to get closer to the flora and fauna we are so often too busy to enjoy.   In a kayak, the angler is at the water level.  Here he or she can gain a new perspective on things.  Somehow it helps an angler feel more alive and more in tune with the things around him or her.


The question then becomes:  Does that help me catch more fish?  While there is no hard and fast evidence to that end, it can be deduced that it certainly can’t hurt!  Many an anglers has said it is best to “think like a fish – no matter how weird it gets”.  And that mentality seems to be easier to come by in a kayak than in a bigger, motorized boat.  As you silently glide along you imagine yourself as the predator, the fish your prey.  Your mind starts to clear and you can almost see the fish staring at your lure as you hop it along the bottom of the lake.   You feel the tell-tale “tap tap”, rear back, and set the hook.  The fight is on as the fish pulls toward deeper water.  You heart rate increases as you feel the power on the other end of your line.  Who will prevail?  Predator or prey?


This is kayak fishing.  This is the sport that brings you closer to nature while bringing you closer to yourself.  The health benefits are many.  Just as important, however, are the mental benefits.  You can exercise your body and free your mind at the same time.   The environment will thank you as you reduce your carbon footprint by gliding along under your own power.  This sport may not be for everyone, but I dare say it can be, for most, an enjoyable adventure that will become an addiction.

— By Beckie Joki


Beckie Joki is an avid bass fisherman in Northern Wisconsin. She has an eye on conservation and the environment as it relates to all types of fishing. She is a member of the Hodag Bassmasters, and is a member of the Shawano Red Nek Bass Busters. She understands the importance of maintaining fisheries and looks to get younger generations into the sport of fishing. Beckie writes regularly for the Northern Wisconsin Fishing Examiner.





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