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Copolymer and Monofilament Fishing Line Improvements, New Packaging for KastKing

By Kastking | 08 January 2018 | 0 Comments

Bold, dynamic outer package and spool labels lend a brilliant look to new upgraded KastKing monofilament and copolymer fishing lines.

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KastKing Monofilament available in clear, blue, red yellow, and green

KastKing, known around the world for its best-selling braided fishing lines, has released improved copolymer and monofilament products for 2017 from its Clear Lines Department.


KastKing® has improved the tensile strength and wear resistance of their KastKing® Monofilament and KastKing® Copolymer fishing lines and now features eye-catching packaging and spool labels.


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KastKing Copolymer available in clear and camo

KastKing® Premium Monofilament Line, manufactured with a unique parallel roll track design that prevents lines from sinking into the spool, is a product of what the company has traditionally called their Clear Lines Department.


Although, KastKing® Premium Monofilament will continue to be available in not only clear, but also in blue, yellow, red, and green for anglers who prefer colored lines. All are available in 4 lb. through 30 lb. test strengths on 300 yard and 600 yard spools.


New and improved KastKing® Copolymer Line on 330 yard spools will continue to be available in clear and camo in 4 lb. through 30 lb. test.
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KastKing monofilament and copolymer feature new spool labels and packages.


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