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Cold Season Angling

By Kastking | 22 January 2018 | 0 Comments

Proper selection of rod, reel and rigs can extend your season deep into the cold months.


kastking rod



Every year, Fall and Winter approach and many anglers seize fishing activities. As the cold begins to arrive many are warm at home next to a fire taking a pause from getting out on the water. Let me say that through all the years I have been fishing, Fall and Winter are some of the best times to head out on trips or short sessions. The results may be beneficial to you as an angler as several species begin their feeding frenzy from late October into January or when ever the extreme cold temperatures come. For example predator species fish such as Pike, Walleye and Musky bulk up prior to Winter in Fall to make it through harsh temperatures in the water, as well these fish prepare for the next years spawn. Carp tend to sit still in colder months and fishing heavy cover would be your best bet to landing a Fall or Winter fish. Catfish feed constantly throughout the cold season and you can capitalize on late October feeding and find yourself smiling with a new personal best fish in your hands for photos. You would be surprised at the fish you can catch in cold months during the year.



Cold weather fishing tackle. Rod and reel by Kastking

Cold weather fishing tackle rod and reel by KastKing



Rig and bait choices for colder months can be pretty easy. You can usually stick to your go-to rigs year round that you use.  A nice quality rodsuch as the KastKing Phantom in medium or medium heavy is a great choice for anglers for colder months. That teamed up with a KastKing Blade 5000 Spinning Reel from www.eposeidon.com will get you great fights and amazing results. Make sure to have spooled, strong line of your choice or braid as fishing cover and targeting certain species will require strength. Try fishing shorter lengths on your rigs as most fish during the colder seasons tend to have soft bites or they nail the bait immediately. Having a shorter distance from swivel to hook will increase you hooking into the fish faster. Try different variations as pictured below. This is a helicopter style rig and a hair rig style with halibut pellets threaded on which offer an amazing bait choice for cold weather after carp and catfish. These are my go to rig choices for cold water. Experiment and see what cool things you can create. That is the joy of fishing.


kastking eposeidon rods



During the cold season we should get out and fish and enjoy our time on the water but mind you that with the weather comes risks. Cold weather injuries such as hypothermia, frost bite, getting sick and so on to name a few. We as anglers should plan ahead, check the weather and make sure you have what is needed to maintain a safe angling experience during colder months. Personal heaters or a tent cot are a favorite of mine to hand warmers and winterized clothing that reduce moisture collection to prevent getting cold or wet. Gloves and beanies are a tip as well , as no one likes cold hands or ears. Be safe on the water and prevent your trip from ending early.



first aid kit kastking rod

Last on the list of to have items is a first aid kit and food supply in case you do get stranded or have to endure an evening outside in harsh conditions. Most of the time I have not encountered having to use much of these items, yet be safe and not sorry is a golden rule.  Be safe on the water this year, catch big fish and Tight Lines to everyone.


by —  Chris Tuers

             Chris Tuers is a professional angler, outdoor enthusiast, photographer, writer and team angler residing in Ohio. He enjoys photography, fishing, travel and supporting fellow veterans in his free time. 




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