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Be Happy; Go Fishing

By Kastking | 23 August 2018 | 0 Comments

You’ve done it all. You’ve accomplished things in your life that no one else has. Or maybe you haven’t. Not to worry. There’s an equalizer. It’s fishing.



There’s a potentially successful angler in everyone. Fishing is a fantastic pastime that pits paupers against millionaires. Fish don’t care about the size of your bank account, what kind of car you drive, or what kind of house you live in. It only cares about what’s on the end of the fishing line.

Fishing gives everyone the opportunity to be happy; whether you have a huge catch or get skunked. The sun shines down equally on everyone when we fish. And, fishing takes us to a happy place. As it’s often been said, “a bad of fishing is better than a good day at work!”

Any day of fishing is a good day. Catching a fish makes a good day a great day. Catching a lot of fish or a bigger fish makes it a…well, fill in the blank.


Being alone on the beach can be enjoyable

If you are lonesome, fishing is a great way to meet people. Everyone who approaches a fisherman always starts a conversation. They ask questions. Usually it’s… “catch anything?” If you’ve got a busy life and need some quiet time alone, fishing handles that, too. Being on the beach at odd hours with only seagulls for company can be a freeing experience. As frustrating as fishing can get at times the upside is that it teaches you patience, how to relax, and put things in perspective.

Fishing provides different things to everyone who fishes. Whether you consider it a sport, a hobby, or a way to put a meal on the table, fishing can bring happiness to your life that others envy. Look for the angler inside of you. Be happy; go fishing.

 Why do you fish? What was your best fishing experience?

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